Never Saw It Coming

Mackenzie Moore is an American girl from the middle of suburbia who moves to London and falls for Niall Horan. With all the pressure from fans and the press, Mackenzie wilts under the spotlight. Will she be able to keep up this relationship with Niall, or will she have to break his heart--and her own?


51. Phone Call



For over an hour that night Mackenzie sat at the table staring at her phone.

"Kenzie, it's only gonna take longer if you watch it for hours," I told her.

She reluctantly got up and sat down on the couch with me and started playing with my hair. "Thank you so much for getting me to audition. This might just be the beginning of the career I've been waiting for!"

I kissed her just as the phone rang. We both sprang up and ran toward it. When she answered it I stood in front of her and held her hand.

A minute later, her smile suddenly turned into a frown as she hung up. I could see tears in the corners of her eyes. "Kenzie..." I wrapped her in a hug.

"I finally thought I could actually have a job. But now that out of only fifteen people..." Her voice cracked. "Maybe this isn't the job for me."

"Of course it is!" I exclaimed. "You were awesome, those people just wanted some other personality. There are plenty of other auditions around here, you've got to get at least one!"

She was sobbing now. "I don't think..."

I lightly kissed her. "Trust me."

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