Never Saw It Coming

Mackenzie Moore is an American girl from the middle of suburbia who moves to London and falls for Niall Horan. With all the pressure from fans and the press, Mackenzie wilts under the spotlight. Will she be able to keep up this relationship with Niall, or will she have to break his heart--and her own?


5. One and the Same



"Niall, you seemed a little love struck there!" Louis joked.

"What? No..." I retorted.

"Nialler," Harry said. "We know you better than anybody. You like that girl."

I felt my face turn bright red.

"I think it's cute baby Niall has a crush," Liam admitted. 

I playfully punched him.

"I think it's time we swing by Niall's girl's place," Harry announced. 

"She's not my girl!" I exclaimed, even though I really wish she was.

I followed the guys down two levels to the apartment where Mackenzie lived. She smiled that gorgeous smile of hers and followed us up to my apartment. 

"So where you from?" Liam asked her.

"Camice, New York, in the US," she replied. "Your usual suburban small town."

"Cool!" Zayn said. "I love New York!"

"So why'd you move here?" Harry asked.

Mackenzie seemed a little hesitant. "I...uh...just wanted to kind of start over..."

It seemed a little awkward and tense for a second. "I hope you don't mind just ordering pizza for dinner!" Louis exclaimed, breaking the silence.

"I love pizza!" she said. "Well, I just love food in general!"

I smiled. She seemed so much like me.

I could tell Harry sensed my smile because he asked, "So, Mackenzie, how do you feel about Disney movies?"

I glared at him, until I heard the answer.

"Oh my goodness, I'm obsessed with them!"

My eyes lit up and I grinned from ear to ear.

"Wow. You are exactly like Niall," Zayn said.

Mackenzie turned to look at me and I blushed. 

"Best Hercules song on 3," she said. "1...2...3!"

"Go the Distance!" we said at once. We both started laughing.

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