Never Saw It Coming

Mackenzie Moore is an American girl from the middle of suburbia who moves to London and falls for Niall Horan. With all the pressure from fans and the press, Mackenzie wilts under the spotlight. Will she be able to keep up this relationship with Niall, or will she have to break his heart--and her own?


4. New Beginning



I couldn't believe I had already been invited to famous boys! No boys ever talked to me when I was in school--they all thought I was weird. And I didn't have many girl friends either. My best one has barely talked to me since she went to college, because she got all boy crazy and started partying.

So for the past year since graduating, my best friends have been my parents. I know. Lame. 

Thats why I moved to London, to start over and make friends. I'm basically the only person I know from my class that didn't go to college, so I've been out of it, I guess.

Maybe these boys could be the start of my new beginning. I did not want to go back to my ending.

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