Never Saw It Coming

Mackenzie Moore is an American girl from the middle of suburbia who moves to London and falls for Niall Horan. With all the pressure from fans and the press, Mackenzie wilts under the spotlight. Will she be able to keep up this relationship with Niall, or will she have to break his heart--and her own?


62. I Quit



The next morning I slipped out of Nialls arms on the couch and went down to the set.

"Mackenzie, why aren't you on hair and makeup?" the director, Kyle, asked.

"Because I have to tell you something," I said. "I've been thinking about this carefully for a long time, and....I quit."

Before Kyle could say anything I turned away and briskly walked to my car.

When I got back, Niall was packing my things away. "It's settled. Tomorrow this place belongs to Michael Jackson's second cousin's neighbor's goddaughter."

I kissed him. "I'm so glad I'm done with all this," I said. "Hey, do you know who lives in my apartment back in London?"

"Nobody," Niall replied. "I kept paying rent because I knew that someday you'd come back."

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