Never Saw It Coming

Mackenzie Moore is an American girl from the middle of suburbia who moves to London and falls for Niall Horan. With all the pressure from fans and the press, Mackenzie wilts under the spotlight. Will she be able to keep up this relationship with Niall, or will she have to break his heart--and her own?


34. Anything



The truck pulled into an old abandoned warehouse. The black haired guy who had talked to Niall on the phone grabbed me and led me inside. He put me in a room and locked me in.

I stood up and started freaking out. Niall can't pay the ransom--I can get out of this! What are my parents gonna do? I couldn't believe this was happening!

A half hour later, the red head came in with some food. "Why am I here?" I asked forcefully.

"Everyone knows your little Nialler would do anything for you," he told me. "He's got money. He'll pay for your your safe return."

I just sat there dumbfounded. Niall would do anything for me?

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