Fake Girlfriend (Fanfiction) - Completed

It was just some silly concert her best friend had convinced her into going to. Nothing special. But that night changed Katie's life forever. She makes a life changing deal with One Direction's manager and is sucked into the crazy world of One Direction. What will Katie find? Love? Hope? Confusion? Who knows...

First Movella!


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Katie’s POV.

Zayn appeared in the doorway with an annoyed and frustrated look on his face. He almost looked like he was in pain. Was it really that bad?

And if it was, it was my entire fault.

“Is it Katie?” the guy who the boys who had been talking to asked.

“Um…yeah. Is everything okay, and who are you?” I responded. I was trying to contain my nervousness.

“I’m the boy’s co-manager. My name’s Benny.” the name reminded me of someone. Grr.

“We need to ask you something, something which you can totally say no to if you want.” Liam said whilst he looked down to the floor.

He didn’t seem to want to elaborate so I turned towards Benny.

“Zayn is facing a number of charges and the possibility of going to jail.” He explained as if it wasn’t important.

I put a hand over my mouth to hold back my gasp, “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have let you get involved in this.” I tried to look directly at Zayn but he was looking anywhere but at me.

“What did you need to ask me? I’ll do anything right now. How can I help?” they still hadn’t asked the question and I was pretty much willing to do anything to get Zayn and the boys out of this huge mess.

“Well…” Benny coughed awkwardly, “We have come to a possible solution to the problem… which would involve the media and press to believe that you and Zayn… were in a relationship.” He coughed out the last words.


So they needed to think Zayn and I were in a relationship. That was so not what I had in mind when I said “Help.” I thought… I don’t know what I was thinking. Just not this.

I looked up to find Zayn staring at the walls with intense interest. This obviously was as awkward for him as it was for me. I mean I’ve talked to the guy like once or twice and they expected us to pretend to be in a relationship. I barely even knew anything about him.

I looked to Liam for a little support, but he just had a cringe planted on his face and was doing his best not to show any emotion. That helped a lot. Not.

Harry looked well… he looked the same as usual.

Niall and Louis looked slightly uncomfortable but they were at least actually looking at me instead of completely ignoring my existence.

Wow. This was a lot to take in.

“So…you want me to pretend that.” I gestured towards Zayn and then myself. “Are, together?”

Well this wasn’t awkward.

Benny just simply nodded.

“Right and this is the only option?” I figured since they asked that they’re really any other options but I could only hope.

They just looked at me pleadingly as if to say “not one better than this.”

It wasn’t that Zayn was that bad but I wasn’t exactly famous pop-star girlfriend material and it was obviously awkward for both me and him. Plus, it wasn’t exactly like I wanted that sort of life anyway.

I did put him in this situation though and I needed to help. This was my entire fault. Maybe, I should consider it.

“For how long?” I tried to sound confident.

Zayn looked at me in disbelief and so did Liam. I hope he didn’t get the bad impression about all of this; I was starting to really like him. Benny looked pleased though.

“We’re not completely sure, however it could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.” He sounded like he was giving me a prison sentence.

Wow a few months of photographers watching my everywhere and attending celebrity parties. I didn’t like this.

“Okay and all we would need to do is make everyone believe that we were in a relationship? Nothing more than that?” it wasn’t as if I had much of a choice, but I needed to know all of the details if I was really going to do this.

“You don’t have to do it.” Liam reminded.

I just ignored him. I needed to do this. I needed to try and help get Zayn out of this mess. Although, maybe if we could find another way that would be better.

“That’s all. You may need to keep a low profile and also attend some public events with Zayn and the boys, but that’s pretty much it, we would also need you to sign a disclosure form.” Benny certainly sounded like the perfect prison guard.

A disclosure form. Seriously?

“It’s not as if I’m going to spill my beans to the press.” I rolled my eyes.

“It’s just a precaution. We’re also willing to pay off your parent’s hospital bills that you’re still in debt for.” Benny warned.

I gasped “How did you know about that?”

“We needed to do a background check and close the deal.” he sounded like it was no deal that he had been snooping around in my life. It was to me.

“You had no right. And I’m not some whore so…” I hesitated for a moment.

I really did owe a lot of money and it wasn’t going to appear out of nowhere any time soon. But I didn’t want to accept the money and seem like a whore. But I really needed that money…

What did it matter if they all thought I was a whore anyway? I had only just met them last night. But I just felt like I knew them so much more. I really didn’t want them to see me like that. I wasn’t like that at all and I didn’t want to be.

Okay. I needed to think about this. I needed time.

“Would I be able to sleep on it, and let you know what I want to do in the morning?” I queried.

“Yeah, no problem.” Benny replied. He seems satisfied.

“Are you sure you even want to do it at all?” Zayn questioned. He was sucking a lip in and looked pissed. What was up with him?

I nodded without looking at any of them. I could only imagine what I looked like right now. I most likely looked like a desperate fan. That’s what I must have looked like anyway considering I was all up for being Zayn’s fake girlfriend.

I would have done it without the money in order to help Zayn but I felt now that there was money involved, that I was doing something wrong. I guess if I was going to do it originally, it was just an added bonus especially because of how desperately I needed that money but it felt completely different.

Zayn walked out of the room angrily and I found myself becoming slightly angry, I was most likely going to do this and I was going to do it to save his ass and he was just walking away like I’d just doomed him or something. He probably figured I was in it for the money and I was, but I was more in it to help him that anything else. Boys were so confusing sometimes.

Liam walked out at this point and I just let my eyes follow him down the hallway. He obviously didn’t like this idea too much.

I was such a bad person.

The rest of the boys just stood there awkwardly and eventually dispersed.

I sighed. They probably think I’m some attention-seeking whore right now.


Harry’s POV.

Well that went well…

I don’t see why Katie was so on board with the whole Zayn thing though. I thought she would at least have had more questions about the whole situation. Well she hasn’t said yes yet, although from the way she was talking, she seemed to be up for it.

I had tried to keep a plain face on whilst we were explaining things, but inside I was having a raging war between the side that was jealous of Zayn, and the other one which just liked the idea of spending more time with Katie.

I mean if she did go through with this, we would definitely be seeing more of her and I was definitely liking that idea but she would be spending more time with us as Zayn’s “Girlfriend.” And I just wasn’t too hyped up about that side of the situation.

Zayn seemed like this whole idea was the worst thing that was ever going to happen to him but it’s not like he had a girlfriend already, it would only be for a certain amount of time and Katie wasn’t some snobby cow like other girls. She was great.

He was being such a girl about all of this. He’s acting like the world is going to end if she agrees to help us. She is really our only good option anyway, so he’s going to have to come out of this little phase of his and deal with it.

Liam was just moping in the corner pretending to be doing something interesting on his phone. I rolled my eyes. He needed to relax a bit more and not think things through so seriously all the time. It was annoying.

Zayn had just run off. Pathetic.

“Well… that went down quite easy.” Louis said what we were all thinking.

“Ya, think.” Liam said sarcastically.

Boy he really was upset.

“Yeah. Although, if I were in her position with all those medical bills she owes, I wouldn’t have thought twice about accepting the deal. And she’s actually thinking things through before accepting.” Niall defended

I hadn’t thought of it like that. I know I shouldn’t be nosing around but I was curious.

“Hey, Benny. How much does Katie exactly owe?” I called over to him as he flicked through a magazine.

He lifted an eyebrow “You really want to know?” he questioned.

“It can’t be that much.” Liam protested.

“Go on then, how much?” I said impatiently.

Benny sighed, “I shouldn’t be telling you this but she owes a total of £24,864… And that doesn’t include tax.”

I looked around the room to find all the boys looked just like me.

Mouths wide open, eyes about to pop out of her heads and with slightly guilty looks. Especially Liam.

“So…she really was desperate for that money.” It wasn’t a question it was a fact.

No wonder she had been so easy to convince. Well almost convince, although will bills like that I was guessing it was definitely going to be a yes. And who would blame her; she could never pay that off on her own. I felt so guilty for judging her.

Liam stood up and stomped his foot on the floor, “I feel like the biggest jerk right now. I just figured she liked the idea and wanted the money.” He scowled at himself.

“No one could blame you, Liam. Her mother was in a coma for several months before dying and those things aren’t exactly cheap to pay for.” Benny tried to make him feel better.

“I am such an idiot. I just walked out of that room in a tizzy. She probably thinks the worst of me right now.” Liam growled as he charged out of the room.

I knew what he was feeling. I had done almost the same thing.

Well, except for the whole storming out of the room and looking like I was about to bite someone’s head off. I had at least tried to act and seem unaffected in front of Katie when really I was doing some serious judging inside.

All we could do was wait for her answer, which seemed pretty obvious now we knew the whole story.


Liam’s POV.

I am such a prick. I just stormed out of there like a 3 year old when she started to take the deal seriously. I should have just seemed calm. But I had been so frustrated and pissed I couldn’t keep it all in.

I had to apologise or do something. I walked into the dining area to find it empty. Where were they?

I checked their room next and it was evident that they had packed up and gone home. I would have to wait to apologise to her. Which I would be doing, and soon.

I banged my fist on the wall and then turned around to go sulk alone in my room. Not the most mature thing to do but that’s all that I could come up with.

I never knew that those bills would be so high, if I had known that they were that high I would’ve encouraged her to take the deal but the thought of her and Zayn made me rethink that.

I knew they would be pretending, but I didn’t like it. Not one bit.

I should be happy for whatever solution that could help Zayn stay out of trouble but this was different. It just was.

I am such a royal idiot.


Zayn’s POV.

She was going to say yes. She was.

It was official, God had it out for me and he had sent Katie to destroy me.

Maybe that was a little drastic, but after two bottles of vodka and a load of shots I didn’t really know the different between left and right at this point.

When I had stormed out, I had made my way to Jackie’s; the local bar and had been drowning myself in alcohol and girls.

It took away the guilt and the sadness that had resurfaced when I had realised who she was and even if it only took away some of it, it was better than the alternative of feeling all of it like a tidal wave.

I was stumbling back to our Hotel, well aware that there were probably photographers capturing my every drunken move as I hobbled along the dark street way.

I was barely able to stand up, so it was taking a considerate amount of time to reach the Hotel.

When I reached our Hotel room, all the boys were sat in the living area and they looked pissed when they saw me.

Great. Always the judging lot.

“Man, you reek of alcohol. Where the hell have you been?” Niall said with disgust.

I was trying to form words. Words Zayn. Simple words.

I settled for, “Out.” It was the best I could manage.

“We sort of guessed that, dude.” Harry replied sarcastically.

“W-hat e-v-eer.” I stuttered.

“You really are drunk. Come on lets lay you down.” Liam offered.

Always the responsible one.

Much to my protest, Liam and the other guys managed to get me into bed and lay me down.

I loved these guys.

“I w—uv yh-ou gu-ys.” I mumbled.

They erupted into laughter around me.

“I wish I had that on tape.” Louis said mockingly.

“He really is out of it. That’s gonna kill in the morning Zayn.” Harry laughed although it could have been Niall or Liam.

I really didn’t know.

I closed my eyes and drifted into nightmares which were soon to become my reality.


Katie’s POV.

I hadn’t slept last night, again. I had been pacing up and down my room thinking through all of this. Ali had offered to stay but I had turned her home, she didn’t really know what I should do either. I was torn.

One side of me was saying you need the money so take it and hang out with a bunch of pop stars for a while and the other one was telling me I seemed desperate and needy and would be selfish if I did that.

My phone rang and I almost pounced across the room to answer it.

It was an unknown number.

“Hello.” I said breathlessly.

“It’s Benny. We’re all here and we were wondering if you have an answer for us. We’re on speaker phone.” responded from the other end.

Oh god. What was I going to do? I needed that money but if I took it was I desperate and needy? I didn’t want to seem like that, even though that was pretty accurate.

A voice interrupted my thoughts, “You there, Katie?” Zayn asked. Well more like slurred.

And then I remembered why I had to do this, not for the money, but to help Zayn and the boys get out of the mess that I got them into. I needed to do this. I was going to do it.

“Fine.” I responded.

“Fine, what?” Benny asked.

“You have yourself a fake girlfriend.” 



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