Fake Girlfriend (Fanfiction) - Completed

It was just some silly concert her best friend had convinced her into going to. Nothing special. But that night changed Katie's life forever. She makes a life changing deal with One Direction's manager and is sucked into the crazy world of One Direction. What will Katie find? Love? Hope? Confusion? Who knows...

First Movella!


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Liam’s POV.

I can’t imagine how embarrassing this all must be for Katie. We had just blurted out all the details about last night to someone she’s never even seen before.

We were all waiting for Benny to muster up a plan, as we all sat in silence around the table. Katie was bouncing her leg up and down and I placed a hand over hers. Harry growled slightly just loud enough for me to hear him. I turned to look at him and scowled and then returned my attention back to Katie.

“Benny will sort it all out. Don’t worry.” I reassured her.

She took her hand away from her mouth and stopped bouncing her leg for a moment. “I just feel bad, if I hadn’t of been there you all wouldn’t be in this mess. Especially Zayn.” She looked upset with herself.

“No-one blames you. Stuff like this always happens.” well normally not this bad but she didn’t need to know that.

“Really?” she brightened up slightly.

“Really.” I smiled.

She smiled shyly and then took her hand from under mine. I drew my hand back slowly. I started to miss the feel of her hand undermine. I really needed to get a hold of myself, I sounded like a love-sick puppy.

We all sat in silence for a few more minutes before Benny returned; from his phone call with Simon.

“We’ve come up with a solution, but it’s something we’re going to need to discuss with all of you.” He looked unsure.

All of the boys stood up and we made our way towards Benny.

I turned back to Katie, “We’ll be right back.”

She looked slightly happier, but still nervous and upset.

“Yeah we’ll be right back Kitty-Kat.” Harry said. I turned to see him wink at Katie.

That boy was driving me insane. Why couldn’t he just get the hint?

I glared at him before turning back to Benny as we made our way into the living area, of our Hotel suite.

We dumped ourselves onto the sofa and Benny gave us a look which told us he wasn’t too sure on Simon’s plan. This wasn’t going to be good.

“Well, come on then Benny.” Louis said impatiently. He was obviously missing his video game.

“Um…well I’m not too sure on it but we’ve come up with the only thing we can think of to solve this and keep Zayn out of trouble.” he looked worried as sweat droplets started to build on his forehead “and it would only be for a limited amount of time…” he stuttered.

“Just spit it out Benny!” we all yelled. This was getting old.

“We think it would be in Zayn’s best interest if the press were led to believe that he was in a relationship with the girl.” he finished quickly.

I DID NOT JUST HEAR THAT. No, this was not happening.

“You’re kidding, right?” Harry laughed without any humour.

Benny swayed in front of us nervously for a few moments, whilst we continued to stare at him. We eventually all noticed that he wasn’t trying to be funny or joking.

We all turned to Zayn. He sat there without his usual bad-boy attitude and mouth hanging right open. He looked like he was about to throw up.

“Not happening.” Harry stated with all seriousness.

Zayn gulped heavily “Isn’t there…another option?” he said flustered.

Benny looked down, “This is the best one.”

This couldn’t happen. Zayn would never agree to that. Would he? We could come up with something else. Anything else.

“What happens if we don’t do it?” I decided to act responsibly.

“They’re threatening to press charges and could put your next tour on hold. Possible jail time considering they think all the damage was done by Zayn.” he glared at me and Harry.

We couldn’t let that happen to Zayn.

“How would Katie and Zayn being in a relationship help with that?” Harry asked desperately.

Good question, how would it?

“Well, we would be able to tell them that Zayn was only trying to protect his girlfriend from Ben.” We were all about to cut in when he raised his hand “and before you ask why Katie has to be in a relationship with Zayn, we need to make its realistic and by Katie being in a relationship with Zayn, this gives him an honourable reason for hitting Ben. Whereas, if she were just some girl he was protecting, the court would most likely state that he should have not got involved or should have called someone.”


“Bullshit” Zayn exclaimed. It seems he read my mind.

“Simon and I have both researched previous cases similar to these ones, and they have all had this same outcome.” Benny explained calmly.

“Katie would never agree to it.” I stated.

“And she shouldn’t have to.” Harry added.

“Well she may be our only option.” Benny looked pleadingly at us all.

Louis looked slightly shocked, Niall held a look of amusement – God knows why, Harry looked fuming and Zayn looked angry and confused. What a happy bunch we all are.

“I’m going to take a shower.” Zayn said gruffly.

How could he be taking a shower at a time like this? He was the one involved with all of it. No one went to stop him though. Although to be honest, I wouldn’t have minded so much if the situation was reversed.

No. I shouldn’t think like that. Any one of us in this situation was bad.

But I couldn’t help but feel like that.


Zayn’s POV.

No. This was not real. I was in a dream, a very bad dream. This was my worst nightmare come true… literally.

I had to escape them all; I had to hide away in my room. I saw no way out of this situation and I just needed to be alone. -To think.

I clambered my way into the shower and let the hot water scorch my skin. It was slightly painful but for some reason it soothed me.

The pain helped me forget for a few moments and just endure it. I needed to just clear my head and avoid it for a few moments. I needed to escape the truth that this was most likely going to happen and I wouldn’t be able to stop it. I would have to just struggle through it.

Why did I have to hit Ben? I should have just stayed out of it. Then I wouldn’t be in this mess. But I had to do it, what Ben was saying was vile and what he did to her was even worse. How could someone do that?

But I couldn’t really talk. I did something way worse than what Ben had done and I wasn’t in any position to judge. I had done something that I had regretted ever since, something which no one knew and no one could ever know. What I did was unforgivable. And I shouldn’t ever be forgiven for it.

I liked Katie, I did. It wouldn’t be so bad in normal circumstances. But I finally realised who she was last night. What’s worse, I remembered who she was. And that thought was the scariest of it all. I couldn’t let her know who I was. I couldn’t let her know that I had seen her before.

If she found out… it would destroy me and more importantly, her.


Katie’s POV.

Why were they taking so long? What had they come up with? Could I help?

I would do practically anything to help them. I was the one who put them in this situation and they didn’t deserve to be in it. Especially Zayn. He was the one in trouble and he had only hit Ben whereas, Liam and Harry had practically left scars.

But they didn’t deserve this either. I should have just turned around when I had seen Ben. Not stopped. But I couldn’t help but get answers and confront him.

“Stop looking like it’s your fault. It’s not Katie.” Ali was still eating her breakfast.

I envied her. She could eat a horse and still look fabulous and all I had to do was eat a chocolate bar and spend the next week getting the weight off.

“When are they coming back?” I asked agitatedly.

“I don’t know everything. They’re probably just sorting things out.” She said with food in her mouth.

I groaned. They better be.

The door opened and I practically bounded to my feet.

“Why did you take so long?” I blurted.

Harry raised an eyebrow “We missed you too Kitty-Kat.”

“Shut up. Is it all sorted?” I looked at them expecting them to answer me.

No one was talking. They were all just shuffling and looking down at their shoes.

I looked at Liam, Harry, Niall and then Louis. They all did the same. Where was Zayn, anyway?

What was going on? Why wouldn’t they answer me? Something was going on.

“What’s wrong? Did you not get it all sorted?” I was getting worried.

Liam went to open his mouth but then closed it.

“I’m going to go get Zayn, it will probably be better if he’s here.” Niall said.

“Get Benny too.” Liam called.

I looked to Liam pleadingly but he avoided looking at my face.

Was something wrong? Can they not fix it?

Oh dear. This was not going to be good.



Heya! This isn't one of my best chapters. Was watching Doctor Who and Britain's Got Talent whilst I was writing it. I may have been distracted at some points so sorry if spelling etc. is off.

What do you think was up with Zayn?

How do you think Katie is going to react? xo

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