Fake Girlfriend (Fanfiction) - Completed

It was just some silly concert her best friend had convinced her into going to. Nothing special. But that night changed Katie's life forever. She makes a life changing deal with One Direction's manager and is sucked into the crazy world of One Direction. What will Katie find? Love? Hope? Confusion? Who knows...

First Movella!


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Katie’s POV.

I didn’t get much sleep that night. I lay there thinking about what had happened and had resorted to crying in the bathroom. Not the most original of places, but it was somewhere to do it alone. Ali would have just tried to comfort me and that would have made it ten times worse.

I wasn’t crying over Ben though. I was crying for my parents. I missed them. When they had died, it was like a huge part of my heart had been ripped from my chest and that it could never be fixed. We used to do everything together. We talked about everything together, laughed about everything together and were always together. I just missed all of that. I missed them.

After a few hours of crying in the bathroom, I pulled myself together and told myself that this isn’t what mum or dad would have wanted.

I walked back into the room to find Ali in the exact same state she had been when I had left the room. Spread across the bed sheets, mouth wide open and snoring; which sounded more like a train than anything. She wasn’t the most graceful of creatures in her sleep.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was 7am. Great. No point really trying to get any sleep now. I decided I needed to know a bit more about One Direction.

I crossed the room over to the overly expensive computer in the corner of the Hotel room. I guess it was one of the perks of being rich and famous.

I opened the search engine and typed in One Direction. Millions and millions of hits came up and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. I knew they were famous, but not that famous.

I looked through a couple of biographies about the boys and learnt a lot about them. - Well according to my internet sources anyway.

I was actually quite intrigued if what I found out was actually true. Some of it seemed too personal to actually be true. I was very interested in knowing who this Kevin person was.

I heard a groan from the bed as the alarm clock I had set went off.

“Turn…it off.” Ali grumbled whilst hiding her face with a pillow.

“We’ve got to get up anyway; hopefully the paparazzi won’t still be at our houses.” I cringed as I imagined what was in the newspapers today. Please no.

“One more minute.” she gestured angrily.

I laughed “I know how you feel, trust me. I’m not one for waking up early but we better get going soon.” I reasoned.

She peered through a gap in her pillow and stuck her two middle fingers up at me. I laughed and went to go get dressed. I gave up and left her for five more minutes.

I then realised I didn’t really have anything to wear, nothing that wouldn’t draw attention anyway. I sighed and went to open my door. Zayn stood there with his hair ruffled and stubble forming on his chin. He had the whole morning look going on. I dreaded to think what I looked like right now. Probably like the Gruffalo or something.

“Hey.” I said with as much strength as I could produce with the amount of sleep I’d had.

“Hey, I brought you clothes. Figured you would need some.” he smiled.

“Oh my God, you’re a life saver. I was actually coming out to find some. Can’t exactly walk around in this.” I gestured to my silk night wear.

He let his eyes travel down to where I was gesturing, a look of interest and admiration sparked in his eyes for a second and I blushed, but it was gone as fast as it had come.

He coughed awkwardly “Yeah, anyway. Here you go.” He placed the pile of clothes in my hands.

“Thanks.” I smiled and turned to go back inside.

“See you at breakfast?” he asked unsurely.

I was about to answer no, we needed to get back, when Ali interrupted me, “Course we are, I’m starving and don’t think I’m walking out of here without some food, Katie.” She yelled.

We both started laughing and I rolled my eyes. “Wouldn’t want to upset the princess.” I said jokingly. She could be so demanding sometimes.

“Yeah, see you then.” He walked away laughing.

I was actually kind of hungry. Breakfast it was.


Niall’s POV.

I sat upright and stretched my arms above my head. I so wanted to stay in bed, but Liam and Zayn had insisted that we come down for food. Food. My stomach rumbled in agreement to this.

“Yes, we’ll feed you mate.” I said lovingly as I rubbed my stomach.

I may or may not have had a slight obsession with food, but a growing boy needed to eat right? Plus, after the “Events.” of last night, I hadn’t had time to eat before I went to bed.

I felt bad for Katie though. She seemed nice and from what I had heard in the argument between her and Ben, she had been through some hard times. I tried not to feel sorry for her though. I wouldn’t like it if someone felt sorry for me because of something like that.

I walked down to our private dining area and tiredly dumped myself onto one of the chairs. I just wanted to sleep.

All the boys were there already and they looked like they couldn’t care less that we were up at this absurd hour. Seriously. This was frickin ridiculous. I liked my sleep and I needed it. Lots of it.

“Are Katie and Abbie, or whatever her friend is called joining us?” I asked grumpily.

“Yeah, I dropped some clothes off for Katie I’m sure they’re both just getting changed.” Zayn said blankly as he bit into a piece of toast.

Liam gave him a questioning look and Harry quirked an eyebrow. Louis was just completely oblivious to their little mind-conversations going on. But I could see.

Liam was totally into Katie, Harry was into Katie (maybe not in the way Liam was, but similar) and Zayn…well I wasn’t too sure. He was giving off mixed signals. One thing was for sure though; Katie was going to cause some dilemmas.

I knew Louis liked her because he had told me last night, but he only liked her on a basic level.

“So, what did Katie say to all you guys last night?” Harry asked mischievously.

“Oh, she just came by my room and thanked me. Why?” Liam replied questioningly and I could see Harry’s face drop as he realised he obviously wasn’t the only one who she had thanked.

Harry just shrugged his shoulders.

“Me, too.” Zayn said.

Katie and her friend chose to walk in at that moment, and three pairs of eyes glanced towards them. Liam. Harry. Zayn. Yup. I was thinking Zayn had some interest in Katie.

I wasn’t looking at Katie though; I was looking at her friend. I hadn’t really noticed her yesterday much, but I was noticing her a lot today. Wow. She was hot.

How had I not noticed her?

“Heya guys.” Katie sounded cheery but exhausted. As if she was trying to sound up-beat and hoped we would all forget about last night.

“Hi.” Her friend said shyly like she wasn’t quite sure how to deal with all of us. She was obviously a fan.

We all waved and greeted them both and Ali was forced to sit next to me whilst Katie sat next to Louis. I was glad.

“So, your Abby right?” I asked. I hoped that name was right.

“No. Ali.” She snapped and I raised an eyebrow.

She looked regretful after she said it, “Sorry, not a morning person. I don’t see why anyone would want to wake up at a time like this.” She groaned.

I laughed at this and she gave me a blank look. I must have looked like an idiot.

“Oh, that’s just what I was saying to the guys earlier. Too darn early.” I tried to convince her I wasn’t a complete idiot.

She smiled and her eyes wondered to the food piled on the table. She sat there for a moment debating nervously whether she should take the food and then she reached her hands out and piled her plate up high.

It was even higher than mine. She wasn’t afraid to eat. I liked that.

She caught me looking at her and shrugged her shoulders nervously. I just smiled back and lifted my own plate up to show her mine was full as well. She grinned at this and dug in.

I liked this girl… maybe waking up in the mornings wasn’t such a bad idea.


Harry’s POV.

We were all eating our breakfast casually. -Chatting away as usual. I kept glancing at Katie every 5 seconds and I saw Liam doing the same.

Louis was showing her one of his video games and I smiled to myself.

Niall looked like a love-sick puppy next to Ali, and Zayn… well he looked confused. I wondered why?

None of us brought up what had happened yesterday and the conversation had flowed nicely. You could see Katie was still anxious and embarrassed about what had happened and I just hoped the press hadn’t caught the worst parts of last night.

A loud bang sounded from the hall way and we all stopped talking and looked up to see Benny. Our co-manager. He was basically Simon’s messenger.

He was a short guy with no hair and a plump figure. He looked quite comical actually, especially when he looked like steam was going to burst out of his ears at any second.

Oh dear…

“WHAT is THIS?” he said in a loud and gruff voice. He was gesturing to the front page of a magazine. It was a picture of Zayn, punching Ben.

We all turned to Zayn and he looked like he couldn’t care less.

“Well, is anyone going to explain this? Simon is NOT happy.” He declared.

How were we going to explain what had happened? We could lie, but that would cause too many complications. And we all knew it.

We looked at Katie to search for permission to tell Benny what had happened and she looked like she was going to be sick.

She reluctantly nodded her head in embarrassment and looked down into her lap. Liam squeezed her hand from across the table and I wanted to strangle him for being the nice one.

We told Benny everything and all he did was sigh and groan the more and more we went into details. By the end of it, he just looked exhausted and stressed.

“So, was it just Zayn they took photos of?” Liam asked. Three of us had thrown some punches and yet we hadn’t seen any photos of Liam and me.

“No. You got lucky. They took some of Zayn and that was it. We’re going to have to solve this whole situation though and fast.” He replied.

How on earth were we going to do that?



Heya, I know the story line is going a bit slow, but I like to go into detail a lot. Sometimes I go into too much detail though. Next chapter will speed things up though! I promise. Thanks again. xo

Will be doing a chapter or two tomorrow :)

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