Fake Girlfriend (Fanfiction) - Completed

It was just some silly concert her best friend had convinced her into going to. Nothing special. But that night changed Katie's life forever. She makes a life changing deal with One Direction's manager and is sucked into the crazy world of One Direction. What will Katie find? Love? Hope? Confusion? Who knows...

First Movella!


28. Chapter 28 ***LAST CHAPTER***



Katie’s POV.

I pecked Zayn on the lips as I ran into the kitchen, to get dinner ready. It was the day after Zayn’s birthday and all the boys and their girlfriends were round for dinner. I of course, because Zayn had no cooking abilities at all- was cooking.

I wasn’t the best cooked. But Mac n’ cheese was always the best. You could never beat it.

I rushed into the dining room where everyone was seated around the gigantic table. We needed it that big though. The boys were always coming round for dinner or just to hang out and we needed all the spaces we could get.

The table wouldn’t have fit in a normal apartment but ours well…let’s say that Zayn splashed the cash for the both of us when we went apartment hunting.

It was homey though. Not like one of those sleek modern ones which made you want to clean constantly. It helped that Zayn was here of course. That made it so much better.

I took my seat next to Zayn and looked at everyone around the table.

Opposite us were Harry and Jeorgia, to the side of them were Louis and Elle, on my side were Ali and Niall and at the other end of the table were Liam and Abbie.

Abbie and him had been together for around 6 months and were clearly in love. She was a musical theatre actress and had long wavy black hair that reached her waist and tanned skin. She was gorgeous but so nice as well.

As for the rest of us, well we had been going strong for over a year now.

“What we all talking about?” I asked curiously.

All the boys were snickering and crinkling their brows in thought.

“So Katie…what did you say that made that girl laugh on stage when we first met you?” Harry smiled innocently with puppy dog eyes.

I smirked to myself, “You’ll never know.”

“Aww. Come on, Katieee.” Louis whined childishly.

“Nope. My Secret.” I grinned teasingly.

“We’ll never know…” Harry shook his head jokingly.

I just chuckled. We were always messing around and joking. It was like second nature to me now.

I looked around the table and smiled at everyone around me. My parents may not have been here with me, but this was my family now. These were the people I loved most in the world. Especially the one sat next to me.

I looked over to Zayn and found he was already looking in my direction. I blushed and looked down at our hands where they entwined. Nothing could be better…



Or could it?

Zayn’s POV.

“Babe, we’ve got to get going soon! Harry, Jeorgia and the kids are meeting us at the park.” I shouted up the stairs.

“Coming!” she replied happily.

I would never, ever get used to that sound; the sound of her sweet voice around the house. It was one of the best sounds in the world. Well…to me anyway.

I sighed and grabbed my coat just as Scarlett came running down the hall.

“DADDYY!” she squealed as she skipped down the hall.

Her beautiful dark curls bounded behind her and Katie’s gorgeous brown eyes sparkled with excitement as they looked up at me.

“What’s up baby girl?” I asked as she bounded into my open arms.

“Are we going to see Uncle Harry and Jeorgia?” she asked with a small smile on her face

“Sure are, darling.” I twirled her around.

“Are Darcy and Charlie going to be there?” she asked with a crinkled brow.

It was just like when Katie did it and I just wanted to stick my finger out and poke it.

“Yep. You can play with them in the park whilst mummy and daddy talk to Uncle Harry and auntie Jeorgia.” I beamed at her as her eyes lit up at the mention of playing in the park.

Just then, Katie walked down the stairs – looking as beautiful as always.

As she rounded the corner of the stairs her baby bump came into site. It was only a few month’s on, but it was still evident.

“Ready to go play in the park, baby?” she beamed at Scarlett.

Scarlett nodded her head frantically.

“Morning baby.” She smiled at me as she leaned in for a kiss.

“Uckkyy!” Scarlett squealed.

I and Katie just started laughing.

Right then, when I saw my two beautiful girls laughing and happy, that is the moment I knew my life was perfect. Nothing could change that.


Katie’s POV.

Mine and Zayn’s hands were entwined as we walked down the cobbled street way whilst Scarlett skipped happily in front of us. Our wedding rings clanged together slightly as we bounced with every step.

“I am sooo hungry.” I groaned.

Zayn just chuckled, “You’re always hungry.”

I looked down at my baby bump. It was only small. But it was there. And god was it making me hungry, tired and horny…

“So…I was thinking. Scarlett’s staying at Harry’s tonight, right?” I smirked.

Zayn looked at me questioningly, “Yeah…”

I giggled when he didn’t get it and leaned in towards his ear, “I’m kind of thinking we could have some alone time…upstairs.”

He looked at me with a glow of lust in his eyes, “Why do you tease me like this? That is all I’m going to be thinking about all day now.” He groaned helplessly.

I just grinned cheekily, “Hope it keeps you entertained.”

“Oh trust me it will,” he laughed

We finally reached the park and were joined by Harry chasing Darcy whilst Jeorgia pushed Charlie on the swings.

You could so tell they were Harry’s kids. -With their, golden brown curls and cheeky smiles. They were practically younger versions of him.

Scarlett immediately started squealing and ran over to Darcy whilst Jeorgia and Harry made their way over to us.

“Hey guys.” Harry smiled as we were embraced in hugs.

“God Katie, you’re gonna crush me with that thing.” Harry motioned to my bump.

I gasped and slapped him, “Shut up you dick.”

I turned around and made sure the kids couldn’t hear me.

“Stop insulting my wife, you dumb ass.” Zayn hit him in the arm.

He just chuckled.

“Come on, tell me about everything.” He gestured to the park bench.

We gossiped for what felt like hours, before we parted and headed back to the house whilst Scarlett went with Harry and Jeorgia for a sleepover.

As soon as we entered the house, Zayn pulled me by my waist close and bit my ear, “I’ve been waiting to get you home all damn day.”

I giggled as I ran my hands through his hair, “Then do something about it.” I whispered teasingly.

He growled possessively and led me up the stairs to the bedroom. When we got there it was like we were animals being unleashed and there was no stopping us.

Zayn ran his hands all over my body as bit by bit our clothes fell to the floor. Everywhere he touched, he left a hot trail of warmth that made me shiver all over.

I groaned helplessly whenever he touched somewhere sensitive and I dug my nails into his solid muscles in his back as we brought each other closer together.

Once we made it to the bed, things were heated and frantic until in one blissful moment, we became one.


Hours later, we were both led there just panting as I was led on Zayn’s chest. I could feel his every move and heartbeat as he led beneath me. It was my own perfect harmony.

“Do you know how much I love you?” I heard him ask from under me.

I looked up, “I think I have a pretty good idea. -Helps quite a bit that I love you too.” I smiled.

Just then, I thought back to all the hard times and trouble we had been through. Through it all, we were here. -In this one perfect moment. And it was…perfect.

This was the guy I loved the most…and I wasn’t faking it; not one bit. I was Zayn Malik’s wife.

-Not some fake girlfriend....but his real wife. And it was going to stay that way; him, me, Scarlett and our new baby. It would be just us, in this one perfect world of ours…

Well…maybe the boys would be included. Just a bit.


-Please read the next chapter...

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