Fake Girlfriend (Fanfiction) - Completed

It was just some silly concert her best friend had convinced her into going to. Nothing special. But that night changed Katie's life forever. She makes a life changing deal with One Direction's manager and is sucked into the crazy world of One Direction. What will Katie find? Love? Hope? Confusion? Who knows...

First Movella!


26. Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Katie’s POV.

He continued to hit me and hit me; trying to knock me out when a body crashed into Ben’s.

I could barely open my eyes and when I did, it was all a blur.

I managed to peel them open to the site of Ben…and Zayn. I felt my insides go warm at the thought of him until I saw that he was hurt. Zayn may have been big but right now, Ben was winning.

I cried out in desperation for someone to help him but no one did.

With all my might, I managed to crawl my way over to where they were fighting.

I faintly heard Zayn cry, “Katie. Don’t.”

But I did anyway. When I reached them, I knew I couldn’t help much but I had to help in some way. I couldn’t just leave Zayn here like this. What if he died? I let out a choked sob at the thought and bit Ben in the leg-and hard.

He squealed out in pain, “You Bitch!” before kicking me in the side of the face.

This only made Zayn angrier though and soon enough Zayn was winning. After what felt like a life time of fighting, Ben stopped moving and Zayn walked over to me. At that moment, the rest of the boys and Ali came crashing down the stairs and I heard Ali cry in shock when she looked at me. Was I really that bad? I felt like it but I didn’t really know.

I closed my eyes in the relief that I was safe as I was carried into the arms of an angel. – Zayn.

The last thing I heard was “Hold on Katie. I love you.”

Then everything went black again.


Liam’s POV.

I was sat watching Katie’s bed, just waiting. The steady monitor and the faint rise and fall of her chest were the only reassurance she was actually alive.

Her face, arms and legs were covered in dark purple bruises, scratches and dried blood which the nurse was gently cleaning off now. Not that she would feel it; she was cold out.

Her skin didn’t have that warm glow that it normally had; now it was just a lifeless pale colour. It didn’t look like Katie at all.

I was sat towards the back of the room, with the rest of the boys whilst Zayn and Ali were sat directly next to her. It wasn’t fair. She was my girlfriend. I know it was over now, but Zayn was only fake dating her. I was the one that actually dated her. It might not have lasted long but still, it was more than what Zayn had with her.

Obviously Zayn had feelings for her, he made that clear when he went crazy looking for her and especially when he said he loved her whilst he was carrying her to the car.  I never would’ve guessed it from the way he had been treating her.

I couldn’t feel in some way betrayed though. Zayn knew how I felt.

I sighed to myself and barged past Zayn with my shoulder whilst he was murmuring to Katie.

He turned around to look at me with tears in his eyes, “What’s up, Liam?”

The rest of the boys and Ali rightfully left the room at this point.

I just rolled my eyes, “This is what is up.” I gestured to where Zayn and Katie’s hands joined.

He looked down sadly, “Liam…” he started.

“What, you want to explain how you stole my girlfriend?” I growled.

Zayn stood up at this point, “Ex. Liam she’s your ex-girlfriend. And I can’t help how I feel, just the way you can’t.”

“You could try and hold yourself for at least a week before you pounce on her!” I pointed out.

How could he? A day! One bloody day. Just 24 hours.

“Whatever man.” Zayn groaned and slunk down into his chair.

I began to walk out of the door when I heard Zayn mumble, “Didn’t take long for you to let Dani pounce on you.”

I shot around and couldn’t control myself from throwing myself at Zayn.


Katie’s POV.

I tried. Trust me, I tried. But I just couldn’t open them. I couldn’t open my eyes. It was like my brain was awake and aware of everything, but my body was too weak to do what it wanted. It was torture.

I faintly heard people open doors and murmurs from people in the room but there wasn’t much more I could do.

I heard Ali talking to me sometimes and complaining about how the boys were annoying her. Typical Ali.

“Katie…” I heard a gruff voice whisper.

I tried to respond. I really did. It just wasn’t happening.

“I’m so sorry. This is my fault.”

I recognised the voice now. It was Zayn. I needed to tell him it was alright, that he wasn’t responsible. I wanted to hug him too. Just feel him.

Unfortunately, I drifted into a hazy and distant sleep again…


When my Brain became aware again, I groaned inwardly and I was shocked to find that I groaned aloud. I heard Ali squeal and people shuffle around the room.

“Come on Katie, open your eyes.” I heard Zayn plead.

I tried with all my might and to my surprise, they opened.

I was met with the bright light of the room and squinted my eyes instinctively against the blinding light.

“Nurse! She’s awake.” Ali called.

I felt hands that I didn’t even know were there close around mine tightly and I looked up to find Zayn squeezing my hand tightly.

“Hey.” I croaked.

“Heya.” He smiled.

Just then, the boys all tumbled into the room all trying to talk to me at the same time. I hissed at the pain that happened in the side of my head when they did this.

“Guys. Shut it. You’re going to give her a headache.” Ali snapped at them.

They looked apologetically at me before sitting towards the back of the room.

“I’m so sorry, Katie.” Zayn rubbed my hand soothingly.

I shook my head, “No, I am.”

He looked at me confused.

“I should’ve let you explain. I get it now. It’s okay.” I tried to smile but I’m sure it just looked like an unattractive grimace.

He smiled at that and then his smile disappeared, “What Ben did to you. I should have killed him.”

He stood up abruptly and paced up and down whilst running his hands through his hair.

“I was ready to finish him off. We all were before the Police turned up. Great timing. Not.” Harry said sarcastically.

“Zayn was close though. So don’t worry.” Louis smirked.

Suddenly, I felt tears start to build in my eyes at the memory of what happened and the fact they were willing to fight for me.

Louis must have noticed, “Oh no. I mean he smashed him up pretty bad but-“

“Shut up, Louis!” Zayn warned.

“No. No. It’s not you. I’m just really happy to have people like you. I didn’t think you would come.” I said honestly.

“I would always, always come for you Katie.” Zayn said seriously.

I felt my heart flutter at that and more tears spring to my eyes.

“Oh, get a room.” Liam rolled his eyes.

I just glared at him, but he just shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m sure Dani’s waiting for you. -Wouldn’t want to leave the bitch waiting too long.” I snapped.

His shoulders tensed whilst the rest of the boys snickered.

I looked back to Zayn then, “What happened to your face? Did Ben do that?” I asked horrified.

“It’s nothing. Just a few scratches.” He shrugged.

“Plus Liam attacked-“ Louis started.

Before everyone shouted “SHUT UP LOUIS!”

I just rolled my eyes. I didn’t really care right now. I was safe. I was away from Ben. That’s all that mattered. Plus, I was with Zayn. That's what really mattered.



Right people. ***2 CHAPTERS LEFT***

That's right, that's it. 

So you better gear up for the ending!

Thank you guys so much again! Love you all xoxox

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