Fake Girlfriend (Fanfiction) - Completed

It was just some silly concert her best friend had convinced her into going to. Nothing special. But that night changed Katie's life forever. She makes a life changing deal with One Direction's manager and is sucked into the crazy world of One Direction. What will Katie find? Love? Hope? Confusion? Who knows...

First Movella!


22. Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Zayn’s POV.

Why the hell was she here? She couldn’t be here. It had been 2 years since I had seen her. Of course I had spoken to her over the phone, but I made sure not to meet her in person to save myself the memories that would come back with seeing her.

She was pacing up and down the room running her hands through her hair.

“Zayn…what the hell are you doing with her? Do you know what would happen to both of us if she found out and told someone? You can’t just try and get rid of the guilt by being in her life. It’s dangerous!” she shrieked.

I rolled my eyes at this, how many times had I thought that?

That thought rushed out of my mind when I saw Katie in the doorway with a huge scowl and her hands balled into fists “Kati-“I started.

“WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?” She shouted whilst pointing at me.

I turned to Jess to see her with a look that said, (I told you so).

I sighed and rubbed my eyes, “Katie it’s noth-“again she cut me off.

“Don’t give me that bull, Zayn. There’s something you’re not telling me- something big and I want to know. You know what? I deserve to know because from the sounds of it, it’s about me. And it sounds serious. To me that classifies as more than enough reason for you to tell me exactly what the hell she is talking about Zayn!” she finished with a look of determination in her eyes.

I felt tears building in my eyes, this was it. This was the moment that Katie would find out.

-The moment when it wouldn’t matter if she liked me back or not.

-The moment when I would probably die inside a little bit more.

-The moment where she would hate me forever and probably never speak to me again.

She saw my eyes had glazed over slightly and a look of sadness and fear rose in them, “What—I ss it Zaaayn? She stuttered.

“I think you better sit down.” I sighed sadly.

“Jess leave,” I snapped. And she did.

It was all about to come out…I was going to break the heart of the girl I loved- again.


Katie’s POV.

I wasn’t too sure I really wanted to know anymore. Zayn looked so sad and fearful. It couldn’t be that bad…could it?

I slowly lowered myself onto the sofa whilst my leg bobbed up and down nervously.

The silence was deafening and my heart rate was sending my chest into overdrive. It was killing me not knowing.

“We’ve met before, Katie. -Before you even went to the concert.” He murmured quickly as he looked down into his lap.

“What? No we haven’t Zayn. I would remember.” I relaxed thinking Zayn had the wrong idea in mind.

“No Katie. We’ve met before…you were just unconscious.” He whispered quietly, but I could still hear him loud and clear.

I thought about that for a moment…but there was only ever one time I’ve ever been unconscious. -That I remember anyway. There is no possible way he could have been there.

I shook my head, “Zayn I think you’re confused…”

I reached out for him but he just shook my hand off roughly.

“Katie…I was there. Me and Jess were both there.-“ I stopped him.

“Zayn I don’t know what you’re on about…” I whispered.

He closed his eyes briefly, “Let me finish, please.” He opened his eyes with a look of guilt and self-hatred “We did it. It was so dark and I swear, I swear to you Katie. I only had one drink. Me and Jess were driving home from a party when we crossed a bridge…” he paused to look at me.

“What bridge?” I squeaked out.

“Walton Haynes Bridge.” He whispered.

That name sparked my attention instantly. I would never forget it.

I stood up abruptly, “NO. Stop. You couldn’t. There was no-“

He looked up at me, “I’m so sorry. The deer came out of nowhere. I swerved and we hit your car, it went over the bridge barr-“ I slapped him.

“HOW COULD YOU?” I screeched as I held my palm.

“Katie, I’m so sorry.” He rubbed his cheek but looked more upset with himself than me.

I rubbed my arms through my hair, pacing up and down and trying to breathe in air. No. This was not possible. No. No. This wasn’t real. It was a nightmare. -A horrible and evil nightmare.

Then it clicked and I clenched my fists to prevent myself from doing something I might regret, “You left us for dead. Your car was gone.” I whispered quietly.

“I stopped when we hit you. I swear. Me and Jess both. I dived in whilst Jess called the Ambulance. Your parents they were already…but you weren’t, so I got you out of the car and brought you to the edge of the river. Then the sirens went off and I and Jess had to go. I’d been drinking Katie. Only one. But what did it matter? I regret not staying and serving my time every day though, trust me.” He finished it with tears ready to spill out of his eyes.

I couldn’t process it...I needed air. I needed fresh air. I needed to clear my head.

I walked towards the door and turned back towards Zayn “That doesn’t make the difference. Go to hell, Zayn.” I looked him dead in the eye when I said that and left in my PJ’S.


I stumbled out onto the freezing street walk and ran as fast as I could along the street dodging the few people who were out at this time of night. I could faintly hear Zayn call my name but I ignored it.

I breathed in the fresh night air but it just felt like it was closing in on my lungs. After a while, I stopped and sat down on the porch of an abandoned house.

He killed them. But he’s the reason I’m alive. How does that work? How can I think clearly?

All I wanted then was a hug. -A hug from my mum. A hug I would never have again, because of Zayn I reminded myself.

There was a small part of my brain pushing through telling me that it wasn’t his fault…there was a deer and there was nothing he could’ve done. He only had one drink. Technically that wasn’t against the law. That part of me felt guilty for making him feel so worthless but the other part- the grief wasn’t listening right now.

I let it all out. The tears came bawling down my cheeks and the choked sobs which came out of my throat were more like cries of pain. Pain for the loss. The grief. -For Zayn.

I would forgive him eventually…probably. Especially because of the fact that I had most likely been in love with him from Day 1.I had distracted myself with Liam and let myself believe I could change Harry…but all along it was Zayn. The gorgeous bad-boy in the corner who hated me, cared for me and ultimately stole my heart a while back…Eventually I might. Love does that.

Just then I felt a hand grab my arm from behind and a sharp, quick pain in my upper arm and then all I saw and felt…was blackness. Maybe it was better this way.


It's out! The secret is out.I know a few of you clever guys already guessed what happened with Zayn but for the most of you who didn't...it's out.

!!!DRAMA TIME PEOPLE!!!- next chapter.

Thanks for reading again! Will try and update tomorrow again!

Who's the kidnapper?--hheheheeh.

By the way....around 5 or 6 chapters left of this now.- I'll try and give it a great ending! And then I'm releasing a different FanFiction.

Might do a sequel not too sure. Depends on how it ends and demand. 

Only 3 weeks left at school and then it should be a week after that when I finish xD

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