Fake Girlfriend (Fanfiction) - Completed

It was just some silly concert her best friend had convinced her into going to. Nothing special. But that night changed Katie's life forever. She makes a life changing deal with One Direction's manager and is sucked into the crazy world of One Direction. What will Katie find? Love? Hope? Confusion? Who knows...

First Movella!


21. Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Katie’s POV.
“Hey!” I tried to answer the door chirpily even though I felt like I was going to explode with confusion.
Stood in the doorway was a girl around my age with hazel eyes, reddish brown hair and freckles all over her face. She was slightly taller than me but she had this innocent look about her.
She also looked like she needed to pee.
“Hi, Katie!” she squealed excitedly as she went in for a hug.
She knew my name…that wasn’t creepy at all. Nor was the face that I swear if she squeezed any harder I was going to bruise.
“Um, hey. And you are?” I said lamely.
“Elizabeth but everyone calls me Elle. Oh my God. You’re even prettier in person. I thought you looked pretty in the magazines but you look super pretty in real person.” She grinned showing dimples on her cheeks.
“And you’re Australian…” I noted.
“Yup. I wish I was British. You’re accent is so cool!” she frowned.
I would KILL for her accent but I decided not to tell her that so she wouldn’t start squealing again.

“So…you excited to meet the boys?” I questioned as she brought her bags in.
“Sure am! I can’t believe I actually won the competition. All of my friends back in Australia are super jealous. Can’t wait to see what they look like in real life instead of drooling over them from the posters on my wall.” She giggled.
I remembered back to the first night I saw them and Ali had said pretty much the same thing. And here she was dating the one and only Niall Horan. The concert had only been a month ago but it felt like a life time ago.
“So are you and Zayn still together?” she grinned cheekily.
“Oh no- me and Zayn aren’t----“I stopped there.
Of course she thought we were together.
“I mean, yeah. Course we are.” I smiled.
She frowned for a moment but then grinned, “That’s great!”
“So which boys do you like the most?” I asked trying to change the subject quickly before she figured out something was wrong.
She blushed a bright red and bit her lip, “Louis.” She said shyly.
I grinned at this, Louis deserved a nice girl and even though she was really talkative and maybe a bit annoying, she was a nice girl. Plus, she could probably give Louis a run for his money for talking the most.
“That’s cool.” I grinned.
As if on cue Louis walked in shouting at his game tablet.
“Damn you. I totally killed that goblin!” he shouted.
I coughed, “Um Louis…”
He looked up with a scowl on his face and then turned to me and Elle. He did a double take on Elle looking at her from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. His face was formed in a perfect O shape.
Elle was blushing furiously obviously seeing that Louis was totally checking her out. I couldn’t deny she was a gorgeous girl. She could totally pass as a model.
Louis must have noticed he was staring and suddenly coughed awkwardly.
“Um, hey. Who’s this Kat?” he managed to choke out.
I smirked, “This…is Elle. She’s the contest winner from Australia.”
“Hey.” She waved sheepishly.
Gah, it was the quietest she had been since we got here.
“Hey.” He grinned.
“So…I think I’m going to take a kip. I’m super tired from last night.” I turned to go but then a though popped into my mind.
I turned around with a smirk plastered on my face, “Hey Louis…why don’t you take Elle out and show her around little ole London.” I smirked
He nodded furiously and bolted for his coat, “Yep, sure!”
He must have noticed that he seemed pretty desperate to go so he tried to play it off cool- which failed
“Yeahh….I guess I could spare some time.” He rubbed the back of his neck slyly.
I chuckled as they went out the door, “Have fun, kids!” 
Well at least that brightened my day just a bit.
I led on the sofa and watched Monsters Inc. The new one was coming out next week and I had to prepare for that. I turned all the lights off and snuggled against my blanket.
I may not look like it…but I was a total kid at heart. Animated movies were the best.
After an hour or so, a figure tumbled through the door. I bolted up from the sofa and clutched the blanket to my chest.
“Who’s there?” I asked quietly.
The figure straightened and chuckled “No need to be scared, babe.” A female voice called.
Least it wasn’t some creepy guy. Although I suppose a creepy girl could be just as bad.
“Um…who are you?” I asked still a bit wary.
“The name’s Jessica. Jessica Doherty. Friend of Zayn’s.” she slurred.
She was obviously drunk. I heard a light switch and blinked my eyes a couple of times before I adjusted and say a girl with long brown curly hair and bright blue eyes.
“Oh. You know Zayn.” I felt slightly better knowing that.
“Yup.” She pooped the p.
“Oh…well is he expecting you?” I quirked a brow.
“No! But he won’t mind!” she flew a hand in the air.
“Okayyyy….” I stated awkwardly.
She made her way unsteadily towards the sofa and plopped herself down next to me.
I could smell the fumes of alcohol and smoke and I covered my nose conspicuously to stop from gagging on it.
She turned to me groggily, “So you’re-“she stopped short with a look of shock.
“No way…” She stated with wide eyes.
“What?” Did I have something on my face?
“You’re the girl. The one that Zayn brought to the-“ she was interrupted by a door slamming behind her.
It was Zayn. I wanted to know what she was going to say but I would have to ask her later.
Zayn looked at me and then her. “What the hell are you doing here?” he asked in shock.
Jess just laughed, “Miss me, Zayn? Long-time no see.”
“No.” he stared hatefully at her.
Well…there was some tension there. I stood up and excused myself, “Well I better get going to bed. It’s getting late.
Zayn didn’t look at me as he nodded whilst he continued to glare at the girl.
I walked out of the room but not before I heard Jessica say something which caught my attention.
“Zayn…what the hell are you doing with her? Do you know what would happen to both of us if she found out and told someone? You can’t just try and get rid of the guilt by being in her life. It’s dangerous!” she shrieked.
I just shook my head and turned to go back into the room. I was totally going to find out what the hell Jess was talking about. It was about me and sounded important. I needed to know.



ooo....what's gonna happen?

Bit of Drama for you there.

Will try and update tomorrow after school. Xoxox


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