Fake Girlfriend (Fanfiction) - Completed

It was just some silly concert her best friend had convinced her into going to. Nothing special. But that night changed Katie's life forever. She makes a life changing deal with One Direction's manager and is sucked into the crazy world of One Direction. What will Katie find? Love? Hope? Confusion? Who knows...

First Movella!


18. Chapter 18

Chapter 18

We finally got our food which made thing slightly less awkward whilst we munched on our food. After our dinner we continued to follow the list of things everyone was doing.

But when the waiter came round asking about desserts, Dani decided to push it one bit further…

“So, what can I get you for dessert?” The waiter asked.

“One of everything.” Niall chuckled whilst Ali rolled her eyes.

“Brownies.” Me and Ali said together.

“Won’t you get fat from eating brownies?” Dani questioned.

“I’m not too worried about that.” I tried to smile but on the inside I wanted to tear her hair out.

“Oh well you should be.” She shrugged.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I growled.

“Well…honey. You’re not exactly a size 6….” She pointed out.

I didn’t think I was that bad. Was I? I had a flat stomach and a thigh gap. It wasn’t like I was obese.

“And? Not all of us are boob-less twig figures.” I snapped.

A couple of the boys laughed at my insult.

She glared at me, “I’ll have you know, I am not boob-less.”

“Whatever you say, twiggy.” Ali smirked.

I laughed at this.

She just scowled at me whilst the rest of us ordered.

The poor waitress had to sit through all of that. Luckily, the photographers were out of ear reach.

“I’ll have brownies too.” Zayn said whilst looking at Dani.

“Me too. A whole stack.” Louis said.

“I’ll go for the fruit salad, wouldn’t want to get podgy.” Harry said whilst texting on his phone.

I so hated him.

“Brownies for me.” Liam smiled.

Then it was Dani’s turn.

She turned to Liam and smiled seductively whilst pushing her chest out, as she put her hand on his chest, “All I want for dessert is you.” She purred at Liam.

That was it. I know it was childish but I kicked her under the table. Hard.

She yelped in pain and backed away from Liam. Good, I thought.

“Did you just kick me?” she squealed.

 I smiled innocently, “Sorry my foot slipped.”

She continued holding her foot whilst the waitress walked off.

“God. That hurts.” She moaned.

And then a thought occurred to her and her face lit up, “Liam…” she moaned sweetly.

“Could you take me to the bathroom? Help me, please?” she pouted.

He looked at her in disgust and then looked at the rest of us for help.

Just say no. Say no. Liam was a good guy though. He would help her.

And the bitch knew that, whilst she continued to pout at Liam. Grr.

Harry butted in, “Come on Liam. Just help her. We’ll be waiting right here for you when you return. However long that may take.”

Liam looked at me apologetically and I just nodded my head acceptingly. I trusted him. Who I didn’t trust was her- as she hobbled away smirking over her shoulder at me.

“Why the hell did you bring her, Harry?” Niall exclaimed.

“She was lonely. Missing her boyfriend, Liam.” He shrugged.

“Liam is not her boyfriend.” I growled.

“Well they’ll probably get back together soon anyway.” He stopped for a moment to look up from his phone, “Anyway, you’re meant to be with Zayn so it shouldn’t matter, should it?”

I glared at him and turned around to talk to Ali. I wouldn’t let him get to me.

By the time they returned, Liam’s hot brownies were more like cold brownies.

What had they been doing in there? No. Stop there. You trust Liam, I told myself.

But that skank was smirking like she knew something I didn’t.

Liam finished up and then we left to go.

Not before we had to pass the photographers.

They were shouting all different things but mostly they were chanting, “Come on Zayn, and give the girl a kiss!”

We tried to ignore them before one of the mean grabbed onto my arm, “Why won’t he kiss you? Aren’t you meant to be loved up? Just one?” He asked excitedly.

“Come on guys. Just one kiss. Give them what they want.” Harry called.

A chorus of chants came from the photographers and public watching, “KISS, KISS, KISS.”

I sighed and turned to face Zayn. If we didn’t they would know something was up.

He looked at me acceptingly and I glanced at Liam apologetically and sadly as I leant in to kiss Zayn. We pecked on the lips and then I drew back.

But the photographers and Harry weren’t having any of that, “Give each other a real one!” they called.

I was getting frustrated and angry so I grabbed Zayn by the collar and smashed my lips to his. He was started for a moment but then started to kiss me back.

I was trying to kiss him with all my might and tried to make it as believable as possible. I could feel the hesitation and confusion in Zayn’s kisses but he kissed me back anyway.

It wasn’t too bad. I thought it would be awkward. But it wasn’t. It was nice. Really nice. Zayn was kissing me like he was a man starved. And he wanted me. And then I thought of Liam standing there and pulled back. I looked up at Zayn who had swollen lips and his hair was messed up.

He also looked like he wanted to kiss me again. And that was what freaked me out. He had this dark look in his eyes. One that said he wanted me.

Oh no.



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