In this story, you'll meet Alice: a lonely girl that mourns over the loss of her only friend, Rosie. Alice was forced to live with her only family left- an abrupt, abusive grandfather who makes her work her butt off with no reward. She fears she has lost all hope in life...until a flying car shows up at her window by mistake. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are Alice's heroic rescuers and they plan to take her back to Hogwarts with them!


1. Prologue

   My name is Alice Green. Well, technically now it's "Evana Quortez," but that's the name my stupid grandfather gave me. He didn't like the name Alice, so he changed it. But please call me Alice, for the name Evana just doesn't feel right and I hate it! Not as much as I hate my grandfather, but he's the only family I got left. My mother died in a horrible accident years ago, when I was only 3 years old. Don't ask what it was, Father wouldn't tell me. My father became addicted to alchohol about a year ago, and would come home drunk daily. I pretty much got used to it, until that dreadful day...

   "No, no, no! Pink is SO much prettier than blue!" Rosie giggled. "Nope! Blue is the color of 95% of the earth, so you should love it!" I laughed along with my best friend- my only friend. "No, silly! Water is 70% of the earth!" We laughed so hard. I guess we were in a giggly mood! "Where's your father?" Rosie suddenly got serious. Everyone was terrified of my father, because of his...addiction. "He should be home by now," I replied. "I'll go look for his car." "I'm coming with you!" Rosie jumped up. "We can turn this into an adventure! We seek the dark, sinister man-" "HE IS NOT DARK AND SINISTER!" I interrupted her. "HE IS MY FATHER!" Thunder struck outside, and you could see light flashing from the sky. The bitter silence afterward was interrupted by the sound of a door slamming open and rain splashing off the rocks and concrete outside. My father was home.

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