Sticks And Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will ALWAYS hurt me.


6. Time...



I ran through the crowds of people, almost out of breath. The hotel was so close to me, could I make it? I continued sprinting, pardoning myself every few seconds. I could hear the rude remarks some people said as I was passing by, but I could care less. The wind was hitting me repetitively, and I could feel droplets of cool rain starting to fall on my face.


“Bloody hell.” I muttered to myself.


I skidded to a stop in front of the hotel, my eyes searching everywhere for her, but the sun shining in my eyes. I could see a taxi leaving, and the doors open-


My heart skipped a beat as I saw a girl walking through the doors. Brown, long, curly hair bouncing on a tall complexion. She was pulling two suitcases, and looked like she was struggling. I could feel my mouth being open, just looking at her walk in. The way s- I felt a jab at the side of my ribs.


“Move, ya twat!” I looked to the left and saw an old woman passing by.




“Just move ya ninny!” I look at her, horrified. What was her problem? I turned my head towards the sky, and realized that it had stopped raining.


“Weather of London for you” I muttered. I looked back towards the hotel, and ran across the street. No cars were passing b, the light was red on both sides. I walked through the revolving door of the hotel, another man passing by. I looked down at his face and noticed his eyes. They looked familiar…I pondered and felt as if a light bulb went off in my head! Greg Horan! But, why’d he look so mad? Frustrated?


I slowly raised my hand as he passed by, but remembered what I was here for. I watched her as she stood at the counter, checking in. Why was she wet? A puddle was gathering beneath her as her clothes dripped. I waited for her to leave, and ran up to the worker.


“Excuse me?” I quietly asked.


“Yes sir?” She turned around and her mouth dropped open. “You’r-“


“I know, I know. Please keep quiet, I don’t need anyone hearin’ us.” I looked around and leaned in. “Do you remember that girl that just left, the wet one?” I smirked as I asked her.


“Yes!” She frowned, “and she was quite rude.” I could feel myself getting angry, but pushed it down.


“Could you please tell me what room number she’s staying in?” I pleaded with my eyes.


“Sir, that’s customer confidentiality, I can’t-“


“C’mon! Please love? You know who I am, it’s not like I’m going to hurt her.”




“I’ll give you anything!” I was practically begging. “Autograph, photo, twitter follow. Anything, just name it!” I could see her smirk as she looked at me.


“I want an autographed photo, a photo of us together, two front row concert tickets, AND a twitter follow for me and another friend.” I looked at her with my mouth open. Now I could see why Erin would have been rude to her.


“Fine!” I autographed a piece of paper, smiled for a photo, and followed her. “Write me down your address, and I’ll send you the tickets.” I was getting bloody sick of this woman. She took out another piece of paper and wrote an address down, and handed it to me. I crumpled the smooth paper, now making it rough and tossed it in my pocket.


“Room number? Floor?” I could hear the edge in my voice, and I wasn’t going to hold back. I could see that she was startled now, as her voice began to shake.


“R-room n-n-um-ber 2318, f-f-floo-r 2-3.” I smiled, and walked away. I wasn’t going to waste anymore time on her.


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