Sticks And Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will ALWAYS hurt me.


5. Impatient

For air.


            “Ma’am? Ma’am? P-please forgi

ve me. I’m ter-“ His voice was shaking.


            “It’s okay, it honestly is.” I smiled, water dripping from my clothes on the ground. I looked towards the concierge as a man walked over, his eyebrows buried together. His face was red, and his finger up shaking.


            “GREG! HOW COULD YOU PUSH THIS-“ he looked towards me and lowered his voice, “beautiful, young woman.” I looked towards the man- assuming he was the manager, and smirked.


            “No honestly it’s-“


            “COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! I AGREE.” He looked back towards the worker. “GREG. HORAN. YOU-“ he pointed towards the door, “ARE FIRED.” My mouth dropped open, how-


            “Please sir!” Greg dropped on his knees. “You know why I need this job-“ I stood there trying to process what’s happening. Greg… Horan? Why did the name sound so familiar? A sudden realization hit me, and my eyes almost popped out of my sockets. Greg Horan. Niall Horan’s brother. Oh crap. I turned my hands into fist, driving my nails into my skin. I secretly cursed myself for what I had done- adding this moment to the list of mistakes I’ve done. I opened my eyes to see Greg walking away. He turned his head and looked at me, vengeance burning in his eyes.


I looked towards the manager, my cheeks burning. He told me that he was sorry, and I nodded. I quickly looked down at myself, and walked over to the front desk. All I wanted to do was quickly get into my hotel room. I walked faster towards the woman standing there, impatient.


            “I’m here to sign in.” I impatiently said.


            “Name?” She replied, in a calm manner.


            “Erin Bradshaw. B-R-A-D-S-H-A-W.” I spelt out my last name slowly. She looked towards me as if to say, ‘I know, I’m not an idiot.’


            “Luxury suite with a king bed?” I could see that she was getting very annoyed with me. I nodded, and tapped my foot. As she handed my card, she gave me a forced smile. “Room 4613, floor 23, the highest floor. You have a penthouse with a view of the London Eye.” I let out another real smile, the place where it was going to end. “I understand you’re staying for 3 nights?” I nodded. “In total, it comes to 4,210 pounds. Will that be on credit card, or cash?”


            “Credit card.” I whispered.


            “Thank you for choosing our hotel as your destination. We hope you enjoy your stay. The elevators and located just down the lobby, to the right.”


            “Thank you.” I took my room card and walked towards the elevator, soaking wet.





hiiiii. thanks for reading c; thoughts? xxxxxx


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