Sticks And Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will ALWAYS hurt me.


4. I gasped...



         “Thank you.” I handed the taxi driver forty pounds, while sending him a smile.



“No problem, have a safe trip.” He smiled back. His accent sounded strong as he said those words. He tipped his cap and drived away. The air was fresh, like it had just been raining. I breathed in, head up towards the sun. I twirled in place, the wind blowing through my hair. I smiled, the feeling being new. It had been a long time since I had smiled. Since I had the feeling of happiness. I reached out my hand towards the handle of my suitcase, pulling it as I walked into my hotel. It was probably the best hotel that I had ever stayed at. I shrugged my shoulders- why bother? It’s all going to over soon anyways. I looked towards the ceiling, the light shining in my eyes. There were chandeliers lining the ceiling, the light reflecting on all the crystals. The walls were all painted in gold, with a silver, metallic design of angels on the wall. A large water fountain was placed in the middle of the lobby, and as I got closer I noticed fishes of all kind and colours swimming around, their eyes so full of life. How could a fish, the size of a hand- have more life than I do? After starring at the fish for a minute, a man walked up behind me. His hand touched my shoulder, and I stumbled back, afraid. I felt as if I was in slow motion, as I tripped over my bag, falling straight into the water. I felt the fish ferociously swim away as soon as my body fell into the water. The cold icy water immediately hit my body, causing goose bumps to form on my arms and legs. My eyes snapped open as I felt a stinging go up my arms, my mind trying to figure out why it hurts. As the man grabbed my arm to pull me up, I finally processed that the thing that was stinging on my wrists- were cuts. I gasped for air as I got pulled out of the water. I blinked as I tried to figure out who’s in front of me. I gasped-

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