Millie and her friend Lydia have to stop before they can go party they stop at a old rusty garage called 'rustys drive' but when millie trips over something and someone catches her it's true love on the other hand when Lydia takes a tricky turn in her relationship she might just end up with no one.


1. Garage

Millie's pov 


"buzz buzz" the sound of my phone vibrated on top of my Chester draws the sound of call went on I stretched my arm out and picked the phone 

Millie: hello

lydia: hey 

millie: what's up 

lydia: Erin's having a party 

Millie: um yeah so 

lydia : do you want to come 

Millie: um maybe 

lydia : guess that's a yes pick you up at ?

millie : 2:00 because well I need to go shopping plus I have to go to work 

lydia : see ya soon 

 I turned over and put my head on the pillow gently I pressed my cheek on the England cushion and sighed I went back to sleep soon after about 1 hour I got a another call 

Millie: Lydia I'm coming

spencer: millie it's spencer 

millie: hi spenc 

spencer: Mille its time for work your late 

millie : oh my gosh sorry I'm coming there's someone new right ?

spencer : um yeah his name is Liam and he needs you to show him around 

millie 0: by there soon

I quickly got up and picked oth some uggs a black pair of skinny jeans a small leather purse and a baggy top. Then I rushed down stairs "see ya boo" my mum called from the kitchen "see ya I'm late" I yelled back I could see her shake her hair in the kitchen window I ran out and shut the door "shit it's raining" I ran down the cobble stone path and into the car drive the black mini was cold as I sat down on the seat "pull the ..." was trying to remember how to drive the mini I smiled as I pulled out of the drive I could see jake and Megan with Jed their little boy. As I pulled out  onto the road I turned on the music and is started shake and tip my head a little bit it was goth music. 


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