My Ex-Boyfriend's Secret. [BoyxBoy]

When Ella Fable gets her heart crushed by her long time love-fest, she feels like nothing could get worse! But, could it when her ex lover 'comes out of the closet' that he's gay? With Ella's bestfriend!? Find out how Ella's life goes from great to bad, to totally upside-down by turning the page and reading a Elizabeth Rey original.


2. Chapter Two: All rise in the court room of discomfort.

A/N: Hey there! I've got news! Well, not news you'll give two-shits about but, eh. I got a job! Bad for you good for me! Bad for you: Less updates ;c Good for me: MONEY! Alright, if you guys don't already know, I refer to you as my mellons. It's my pet name for you *pet, pet* okay, we're going over board here, heh heh heh.. So, why haven't I updated?! I forgot how to. Yeh, bad blonde moment but, I back! With TWO updates. YAAAAY! The above sexual male is Kiefer, by the way. Okie, before this author note gets too long, Imma end it :3 Love yuu Mellons<3 (Overly excited author, I know, I know..) 


"I think she's gonna puke.." Keifer said, waving a slender hand in my face. 

"No, she's shocked. That's how she does when she doesn't want to believe something, she doesn't move." Dale responded, reaching a hand out to me. He slightly cupped my chin, the skin where he touched me crawled, not enjoying his touch. If this had been a few months earlier, I would have oozed into that hand's every desire, but that hand no longer controlled me. He applied small pressure, closing my mouth. I breathed in through my nose quietly, Dale pointing at me.

"See? She's breathing. She's fine. Quit worrying so much, babe." He said. My chest tightened, I honestly thought I'd pass out right there, in front of the two. My eyes wandered down towards their hands, interlocked in passionate, gay love. It's not that I'm homophobic- because trust me, I wasn't- it was just the fact that my best-friend was gay. Or bi, whatever he was. I never saw this coming, he was a jock for crying out loud! Ok, ok, I was being too much of a stereo-type. Keifer knelled down to my level, which was far from his tall posture. 

"Ella, snap out of it. Your best-friend is g a y." He held out the world. 

"But," I said, "You've dated like.. Every girl in school!" He flinched at that, I had just pinned my best-friend as a man-whore. Whoops.

'You! You, you I don't even know! You dated me! Did I turn you gay? Oh god, I turned a boy gay!" I shoved my face in the sleeves of my jacket. Who the hell wanted to date a girl who had turned a guy gay? I admit, I'm too vain, and maybe a little too dramatic, but still! 

"Actually, you kept me straight.. Keifer turned me bi.." Dale brought his shoulders up and let them fall as he talked. The information swirled in my head, I hadn't been so confused in a while. I wanted to punch a wall or a pillow. I wanted to smack the wide smirk off of my gay best-friend's face. 

"Could you not!" I shouted at Keifer, who lost his happy grin.

"Could I not what?" He asked, puzzled. I didn't know why I was so upset, it was scaring me. I did know though, that him smiling was bugging the hell out of me. 

"Could you not smile like that? Like you won the lottery, your lucky number 89-I-TURNED-DALE-GAY?!" I was near tears, I had too many emotions at once, I needed to breathe.

"Bi.." Dale squeaked out. That was it, that one little word sent me flying off the handle. I jumped out of my chair, blew alll the air out of my cheeks, and ran down Keifer's hallway. I stopped in his living room to politely tell Keifer's mom hello, and the continued crashing out his front door. Josie, Keifer's sister, called after me, 

'Ella! What's wrong?! Wait!" I didn't wait. I stomped and grumbled all the way to my car. Jamming my key in the ignition, I sped home. I had no regrets, I hit a squirrel. I did the 10 second breathing all the way home, and by the time I had reached my drive-way, I had cooled down. My mother was in the living room when I arrived home. 

"What's wrong baby?" She asked me, wrapping me in a hug. I laid my head on her shoulder, I didn't want to trouble her with my issues.

"Nothing Momma." I replied, hugging her back. I released her, and made my way to the stairs. Her eyes still looked concerned. 

"Ella?" She asked, in her small voice. My mother was a small woman, small-boned and small-esteemed. I got my height and bone structure from her. At 45 years old, she stood a weak 5 foot. I was 4'7, and done growing. I liked being short, though, it was cute. 

"What, mom?" I asked, turning to face her. My mom was probably my best-friend, even more than Keifer was, and I wasn't afraid to admit it. 

"Keifer called." My face turned pink, he called? "He said that you'd come home mad, because he told you he was gay.. He said I shouldn't get my feelings hurt if you were harsh, and that he wanted you to call him.. He sounded really upset." Call him? Hell no. 

"Why would he even think I'd take my anger out on you? He knows me better! I'll get right on calling him, ma." I said the last part in sarcasm. I continued up the stairs, still mad. But why was I mad? WHY?! I sat down at my desk, creating a new blog post. 

April 6, 2013. My bestfriend has come out of the closet today. I guess this would be fine, if it weren't with my ex, you know? Or... maybe it'd be okay if.. I didn't like him. Well, it's been said, hasn't it? I'm inlove with my bestfriend, and he can never love me back. I'm inlove with a gay man. I always pick the worst of people to love, don't I? How can I keep doing this to myself, I don't deserve it. A showers needed for me to calm my nerves, and sleep to answer my questions. Stay cuious, my readers.

With that, I submitted my daily post. I yawned, removing my camisole. I stripped down, just to my socks. I walked to the shower, turning it to the hottest I could without buring my hair off. Walking into my shower, I noticed I had forgotten to take my socks off, all too late. I sent them flying over the top of the curtain with a wet smack as they hit the floor. I shampooed my hair, and just thought. Kiefer had had like, 14 girlfriends! Suddenly he's gay?? I mean, I get Dale. He thinks Hardy is so sexy. (Which he is! Mm!) But, Kiefer? Ugh. I spent about 40 mintues thinking this over before I had come up with a conclusion: They were there own people, they can do what they want. I hopped out of the shower and dialed up Kiefer's number.

"Quiet babe, shh." Kiefer said.

"But, baby I want you!" Dale's voiced sounded off from the backgroud.

"HUSH!"  Kiefer's muffled yells echoed to Dale. 

"Uhm, am I enturrupting?" I questioned. 

"YES!" Dale yelled.

"Hush! No, no your not. It's kinda late for you, isn't it? What's up?" Kiefer asked.

"I'm sorry. I overreacted today, and.. I'm sorry." I said.

"It's ok-" 

He was cut off, I had hung up the phone, crying.

Keifer's POV:

"-ay"  I said, as I heard the dial tone of her hanging up. "Ugh, Dale!" I wined.

"Mmm, what baby? Did I do something wrong?" He nibbled at my coller bone. 

"Yes." I said, throwing my head back. He moved up, sucking my neck.

"What did I do?" He looked up at me through his eyelashes, "I just told the truth." He was so cute, looking at me like that. I rolled over, so I was ontop of him. I kissed him, holding his face.

"This.." he moaned, "Is what I was talking about." He brought his pelvis up, grinding on me with it. I chuckled, removing my lips from his. 

"You're too eager." I said, rolling off him. We lay, hipbone to hipbone on my bed. 

"Eager?" He pouted, climbing on me. "I just enjoy your love!" He kissed me then, a short kiss to prove he wasn't eager. He trailed kisses down my neck, stopping at where he had marked me. He licked the spot. 

"Now," he said, sitting up on me. "What did I do?" 

"But baby, I want you!" I mimicked him. 

"Well, since you begged." He bent down to kiss me, hands flighing to his zipper. 

"No!" I shouted, pushing him off me. "That's what you did!" He pouted, laying his head on my chest. 

"Your never in the mood when I am." I shook my head. This was the first time in a long time I hadn't been 'in the mood'

"I'm just worried about Ella, that's all.." I trailed off. I hated hurting her.

Dale sighed, "If you knew she was ok, would you do me?" He begged. I chuckled.

"Sure." He grabbed my laptop, opening it.

"Okay then!" He yelped. I looked at him curiously as he typed in an unfamiliar link.'sWONDERLAND

What? What was he doing. Ella's pretty brown hair, and eyes slowly loaded on the computer. It was Ella's personal blog!

"Not many people know about this. She doesn't really tell people about it." Dale said. 

"I feel dirty.."  I grumbled. 

"You will be later" He taunted.

"What!?" I asked.

"Nothing." He smiled, sticking his tounge out at me. He scrolled down until he hit a link.

Blog Report. Date 4/6/2013, 54 minutes ago, Rate: Newest

"Jackpot" Dale winked. He clicked it, and read the post to me. 

"...I'm in love with my bestfriend." Dale read. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. 


Ella's POV

I typed my url in, blogSPLASH was my addiction, I loved in more than anything. I was anonoymus here, no one knew me. I liked that. I clicked to my newest update, and slected 'edit' 

...With all this said, I've come to realize. I'm happy for them. It's their lives, and I love how they're living it. They deserve happiness too. Stay curious.

I logged out, smiling ear to ear. I loved getting over things, it felt so good. I put my laptop on my nightstand and curled up in bed.

Dale's POV

"I am defifantly not in the mood now!" I yelped as Keifer climbed on me.

"Baby, forgt it. I love you, you love me, Ella doesn't have a chance. I'm gay, for god's sake!" He hollered. He didn't get it, did he?

"I still feel challagened. I have jelousy issues!" I pouted.

"Bay-" Keifer was cut off by a ding on the computer. We both looked at it.

Post Updated! Refresh to view new content. I selected the refresh button, fingers crossed the update would say 'Just Kidding! Haha, fooled you, stay curious!'  

"I don't wannt see. Read it to me." I fell back into the pillows covering my eyes.

"...With all this said, I've come to realize. I'm happy for them. It's their lives, and I love how they're living it. They deserve happiness too. Stay curious." Kiefer read to me. I was glad, but that still didn't mean a thing. 

"In the mood now?" Kiefer breathed, kissing my neck.

"You bet." I faked.

Ella's POV: 

I just about had drifted to sleep when my phone buzzed. 

FagzRG8 has commented on your newest update on blogSPLASH

Someone read my blog? And commented on it?! Oh my lord, oh my god help. I clicked the notification, curious.

"FagzRG8: I h8 ppl who dnt know their terriory. Back the f**k off sista, dat gay iz taken."

If the bad grammar wasn't enough, my first fan had actually turned out to be a hater.



AN: Hello, my melons sorry for not updating, but here it is <3

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