My Ex-Boyfriend's Secret. [BoyxBoy]

When Ella Fable gets her heart crushed by her long time love-fest, she feels like nothing could get worse! But, could it when her ex lover 'comes out of the closet' that he's gay? With Ella's bestfriend!? Find out how Ella's life goes from great to bad, to totally upside-down by turning the page and reading a Elizabeth Rey original.


1. Chapter One: Let Court Begin, Bring in the Ex-Boyfriend.

(A/N: Anything bold, and italic is either a letter, flash back, or author's note. Will be obvious which it is. Flash backs will have the date the event happened, author's notes will have A/N: at the beginning of each. Notes will be stated clearly 'i opened the note' 'i read the note' etc. Above female is Ella.) 


(One Year, Two Months Earlier)

*I watched silently as the girl pushed the lanky boy to the fence.


"Do it!" She wined, pushing him.

He looked down, frowning. "I can't."

"Why," she paused, trying to swallow the tension between their bodies, "Why not?!"

"I have this intense fear of, you know.. Rejection." He scratched his head. The girl rolled her eyes, grabbing him by his hand and leading him to the chair he owned, positioned perfectly in front of mine. She placed the hand she held on the arm of his chair, mirroring the action on the other side of the chair. She then pressed her palm to his forehead, sending him into the cotton-covered plastic chair. She brushed past my knees, giving one a squeeze before turning to sit in a chair placed in the middle, yet slight set back, of ours. She opened her mouth, then closed it. We sat in silence. 

"It's almost thirty past nine..." I said, after two solid minutes of silence. 

"Getting late. Might be too late soon, hm?" The pudgy girl snapped. I gave her a sideways confused glance, the boy's cheeks reddened. He cleared his throat, mouthing a simple word, 'please' Avarie sent a gust of wind out her fat cheeks, as if to say, 'Fine!'

"Oh, Ella. I've got a question to ask you, you better respond soon." Avarie sang to the tune of Boyfriend by Justin Bieber, her heart-throb. She spiked my attention, and I cocked my head to show I was intrigued. She continued. 

"What would you do, if Dale said this to you? Na-na-na, na-na-na, na, I'd like to be your boyfriend, where ever you go. Kiss and hug you, you'd never feel alone. I would text you, goodnight everyday. If you could just say yes, to the words I say. Na-na-na, na-na-na, na, yeah, won't you be my girlfriend?" Her notes came out clear, and my mouth fell open slightly. She began singing a series of 'ahh's each growing louder. I smiled at the boy across from me, nodding my head. 

"Yes, Dale!" I shouted, "Yes, I'll be your girlfriend!" His cheeks grew redder, and he stood up to hug me. 

"LET IT BE KNOWN, AUGUST 5TH, 2012, ELLA FABLE AND DALE CHRIST ARE DATING!" Yelled my pudgy-buddy, Avarie.

(Back to present day, 4/6/2013)

"Ella? Ella!" My best-friend scolded me. I had tendencies to drift off in thought, at the worst times. 

"Sorry, Kay." I said, staring at my friend Keifer. 

"Thank you. Anyway, so you're totally in remembrance of how much you hate your ex?" He asked, pain in his voice. I was confused, I thought they hated each-other! Why would he be upset that I hated Dale? 

"100%" I confirmed, "He broke me. Shredded me into tiny little pieces."

He puffed his cheeks up, blowing air out. "Drama aside, don't hate me... please?" I rose my eyebrows, alarmed. How could i hate my best-friend? Why would he say that! I opened my mouth to holler at him, when my ex lover burst out of Keifer's closet. My eyes widened, why was he here? Had he heard what I had said? Oh god, please be no. I was so mortified!

"Guys, I'm gay!" He hollered as the closet doors swung shut. Oh my god. What had I done! Had I turned this boy gay? I was his last girlfriend, after all. Was I that bad of a lover? 

"Actually.." My best-friend said, standing up. He waltz over to my ex, smiling. Keifer took Dale's long, crooked hand.

"WE are gay."

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