Gwen Sparks, The Start

Meet Gwen Sparks. A child who has had a hard life, without her father, the only relatives she has are part of her dad's family. You may not know about this but Gwen is a completely different being; not from here and has a great secret that is so to come and learns about her origins on her father, her new powers and how her world came under the heel of an evil wizard...


1. The Beginning of my life

12 years ago, King Taylor had to make one of the hardest choices in his life, but eventually he choose to leave his only child, only for her to have a safe and normal life without being a target for Edwin on her world and to remember him by, an brown amulet around her neck to protect her...

Honey gold rays showered the town of New ford, gentle crisp morning air danced across the homes and the lime green leaves were being swept by the howling winds. At 43 Wilson Street, young 12 year old Gwen Sparks was fast asleep in an average girl’s bedroom, splashes of aqua blue and rose pink and two significant posters that said magical arts; they were the only thing that separated her from other girls (With other girls having pictures of boys with no shirts).  20 minutes passed, and by that time, she was up and about. Gwen Sparks is an athletic girl, her reflexes are quick and sharp and she takes up numerous martial arts; Karate, Judo, Taekwondo and dances to keep in shape. Her uncle is Gwen’s legal guardian and has looked after her ever since and her cousins; Tony and Tyler have helped her out too.

Two days went by but she finally had to ask her uncle something. “Uncle Ray, I have a question for you, it’s about... my dad” “You know I can’t tell you too much about him until you’re ready, Gwen” “What does that even mean? You promised my dad that his life is not to be explained to me now, I get that. But keeping these kinds of things your keeping away from me is just going to make me more curious! Please just tell me something” A deep yet convincing sigh flows through the room; a guilty Ray strolls towards a wooden box and the same amulet her father gave to her plus a note followed.

“Your dad left this in my possession before he left and the amulet will explain along with your abilities, be strong Gwen” Over a thousand thoughts were coursing through her head but to prevent her Uncle Ray from breaking his promise, she left the room. "Later in the day, I was feeling weird like, I felt something, coursing through me; it felt almost magical...  but I thought it was just me being tired from a long day at school’s dance club; I went to bed. I drifted off to dreamland; those questions were floating like big puffy clouds in my mind but some of my past was trying to break the walls of a shield stopping me from recovering the full details, the more it tried to get through, the more painful it was getting; the pain was excruciating and in the blink of an eye, I was shot up like a rocket, sweat sliding down my face and the midnight air was blowing through my window as if someone had tried to break in."

"The next day, I felt worse than before. And talk about worrying; I know that the guys are trying to take care but I'm a big girl now, but don't get me wrong,  I love them; their the only family I have now" Gwen stumbled down the oak wood stairs which changed into checkerboard kitchen floors; Ray, Tyler and Tony were quietly around the table and one empty sit was unoccupied so she took that spot. Quiet clattering of silverware echoed across the room; the silence filled everyone with awkwardness, not knowing what to say until..."You guys OK?" said Gwen. Overlapping "Yeses" blocked her from knowing what next to say. "I'm going to get ready for school" and Gwen walked out of the kitchen. Dressed in her best clothes, Gwen left her home to school. On her way, she met up with her friends: Luke, Danny and Eve; "Guys! Did you watch trailers for any new films?" blurted out Danny, "Oh yeah, it looks pretty good; you guys want to see whats out this weekend?" asked Eve, "I'm available that Saturday" said Luke, "Me too" said Gwen "OK, after school, we can find a good movie" Eve said. All shakes their heads in agreement before walking their separate ways, and Gwen walked to Science class.


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