Gwen Sparks, The Start

Meet Gwen Sparks. A child who has had a hard life, without her father, the only relatives she has are part of her dad's family. You may not know about this but Gwen is a completely different being; not from here and has a great secret that is so to come and learns about her origins on her father, her new powers and how her world came under the heel of an evil wizard...


2. Powers and life stories

Down the hallways of her school, she gradually lifted her wrist to see the time on her watch; "11:25? I'm going to be late for class! Got to run!" Gwen was running like a chicken without her head, she closed her eyes to go faster until... Gwen had become detached from the earth; she was flying. Thinking that she had made it to her lesson on time, gave a sigh of relief and opened her eyes; but she started to wish she hadn't. Seeing that she was off the ground she let out a strong loud scream, it cloaked half of the school with in seconds and 3 classes came out to see what had happened even her friends. 1 minute passed, Gwen was still flying and everyone had gone back to class; "This is crazy! How am I flying? More to the important question, how do I get down?" Trying to calm herself down, Gwen carefully landed near the floor; she was pleased and odd but scared of being cast as a freak or weird, she flew back home. 

School had finished and her friends were waiting for her at the main front, Danny called her and Eve went inside the school looking for her. "Could she have gone home without telling one of us?" said a confused Danny , "Gwen didn't look unwell or tell us anything" Eve said defensibly, "How bout we go to her uncle's house, maybe he knows what happened" said Eve, "Yeah, probably" exclaimed Luke and with their answers final, they started to make their way to Gwen's. Back at her Uncle Ray's home, Gwen was in her room with her door locked shut; "I hope nobody comes here, I really don't want anyone". 8 minutes passed and Eve, Danny and Luke where finally at Gwen's Uncle's house and Luke knocked on the door. Gwen being the first to hear the door, she carefully peeked outside her window and saw her friends outside; her cousin Tony opened the door. "Hey, can I help you? Do I know you three?" said Tony, "Were Gwen's friends: Danny, Luke and Eve? Anyway, we were just wondering if you know where Gwen is? She may have left school today and she's not answering her phone." said Luke, "No, she's not here maybe she still at dance or karate class. Don't worry I'll make sure she calls one of you to make sure she's OK, cool?" said Tony, "OK. I'm just worried about her" said Danny, "She'll be fine. You guys better get going. Bye" Tony said and they all waved back at him as they traveled their own ways.

Gwen had gone back into the shadows of her room and cropped herself in the corner near her bed and became still as a statue but her skin was as cold as ice. Tony was about to go in his room, but he heard a noise coming from Gwen's room so he went in to see. "Hello? Who's here?" shouted Tony, he walked closer to her bed and...  "Aah! Gwen? What are you doing here? Do you know that your friends came for you? Some boy is worried bout you." Tony carefully examined the fact that Gwen didn't try to get her say in or argued also that she wasn't even paying attention to him "Are you OK? OK, stop playing with me now Gwen. Gwen. Gwen, answer me!" He touched her skin and quickly withdrew his hand from her. Gwen's eyes were waking up out of her state, being warmed up by 4 hot water bottles and with her is all the guys in the living room. "Gwen, are you OK? What happened today? Are you warm enough?" said her uncle, "I feel fine now but I don't remember what had happened today... I'm going to relax for a few" said Gwen. Ray and Tony left and Tyler stayed with her. Gwen was still awake and didn't want to wake her cousin so, she went outside. The cool refreshing air danced on Gwen's face to clear the heat from the water bottles; a hot painful sting pierced the veil of her mind, sending her into her weird feeling. "That feeling! It's back but now I feel strong, powerful, like I can fly high and touch the moon..." exclaimed Gwen; placing her eyes on a small bush, she carefully concentrated on it and her stare was increasing until... "Boom!" in the blink of an eye, what was a small bush was reduced to a smoking pile of ash and leaves. "Whoa!  Did I do that? Yes. I did, with my mind; I, I have magical powers. And combined with my ABILITIES  Is this what he meant?" said Gwen trying to piece together the veil of mystery. Gwen had saw what she can do and began to take little concern on her limits. "Ooh, she is powered. You can finally earn your reward, Edwin the Cursed because if you are successful on capture and harnessing her powers, the universe will be yours." Said Flora, "You have been of use to me, Witch but the Princess of Apollo will be mine" Edwin said, following with an evil dark laugh.

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