Gwen Sparks, The Start

Meet Gwen Sparks. A child who has had a hard life, without her father, the only relatives she has are part of her dad's family. You may not know about this but Gwen is a completely different being; not from here and has a great secret that is so to come and learns about her origins on her father, her new powers and how her world came under the heel of an evil wizard...


3. Capture

Morning had fallen after Gwen's discovery of her powers; she had gotten up and checked her phone; "11 miscalls? 6 from Danny and both Eve and Luke left 3. I must have scared them bad. Oh yeah it's Saturday, I call them if their up for that movie. Hey, guys. It's me. I just got your miscalls and I thought that we could still catch a movie and I hope you guys are OK too. You can? Awesome! All meet at the bus stop and we can pick the movie. And don't forget the extra money." Gwen's smiles, "OK bye. This necklace is nice with my shirt, ill wear it today" said Gwen. Little did Gwen find out that she is being watch over by the Witch "Oh fantastic. It's better than I thought too. Cursed! She is away from her family, making her vulnerable to capture! What is the plan?" questioned Flora the Witch, "We can use the humans as payment for her cooperation as they show some importance to her. We leave immediately! Get a start on locating her magic! With her powers and spells flowing through my body, the whole universe will bow to my power!" said Edwin the Cursed.

Gwen had left her home and made her way to the bus stop. Danny and Luke casually walked down to the street and met up with Eve and they were altogether now and was at the movies. "Hey, you all cool? You haven't said anything to me. OK look, I know I worried you all very bad and I'm sorry for that but I'm fine now and nothing is more better than being with my best friends. So am I forgiven?" All of them huddled away from Gwen; various mumbles and nods followed along and the came back to her, "OK we will forgive you, but you must not every do that again to me, um I mean US, to us" said Danny, " I promise, love you guys. come on!" Gwen walked up to them and they all had a big hug and walked into the movies. "Hey, who likes salted popcorn? Or sweet?" shouted Eve, "I don't mind any really" said Luke, "Yeah me neither" said Danny and Gwen. " Come on guys, the movies going to start! " said Gwen and just catching up with her, they had made it to the ticket booth. But at the worse timing, the hot stabbing pain has struck Gwen, causing her to fall to her knees; Danny had ran over to her and picked her up. " Gwen! Gwen! Guys! Something's happening to Gwen, get her to the seating area!" yelled Danny. "What just happened?" said a lost Gwen. "Your fine now, we're here Gwen. Nothing is going to happen OK?" said Luke. A heavy quake had struck the floors of the cinema, the clouds fell from snow white to thunder clouds, howling winds were calling and the pain in Gwen's head grew worse until... The sky windows had flew open, showering the inside with shatter glass, thunder was booming and lighting struck; Edwin the Cursed and Flora the Bewitched levitated about everyone " Bring forth Sparks and I'll spare you lives" shouted Edwin "Gwen! He must be after her! But why? Gwen? Wake up! You OK now?" whispered Eve, "I got the wind knocked out of me but I'm fine, what's happening?" questioned Gwen " See for yourself" said Danny. She stood up and took place to the area, "Where is she?" bellowed Edwin, "My Cursed Master, I can feel her presence" chanted Flora, but Edwin spotted her. "Gwen Sparks, it's so nice to see you again, you look just like your father." "Who are you? What do you want from?" said a nervous Gwen, "Your powers and you're coming with me now" said Edwin, "What makes you think I'll go with you?" shouted Gwen. Flora called on her magic and stared on Danny and he started to float up to Edwin, from then "I know you Princess Gwen, you care deeply for this boy, don't you?; "Leave him alone! Stop now! OK! OK! I will go with you alright ? Just don't hurt him or anyone else!" screamed Gwen "Flora? Get our prize now and get us out of this back water planet." said Edwin; Gwen started to rise from the ground and Edwin contained her in a violet bubble. A green vortex opened and Flora had jumped in as did Edwin carrying the scared Gwen. To be continued...



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