my life

this is a true story and still being written for many years to come its my life. now you can see through my eyes as me the photo of me up there was when i was 8 years old now im older and my life has changed so come with me as a journey through my life

no authors notes and will update as much as possible.
oh and i will describe me now golden hair, 5'9 ft, brown eyes, large eyelashes and is in year 7.


1. 7th of April 2013

okay i wake up at 5:00 because my dog cannon just steals all 3 blankets  and its freezing so i push her of the bed and jet cozy again only to remember my iPod and phone have been taken away permanently and they where like my life. so i start to whimper i tiny bit until cannon gets back on and starts to cry. then i realize those stupid plovers {they are birds} and she starts to growl and i get so pissed off i push of my tall queen bed that is like 50-cm of the ground only for her to get back up and lick my face. dogs these days. she starts to growl and bark so i just go out my door and onto my porch and listen to the birds. i have a nice set up out there, its got o red fluffy chairs, fairy lights, plants, candles and plastic carpet. eventually i go back to bed and sleep. 6:00 am i have to do my assignment that's due tomorrow. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo. its 50% of my Geo grade. just ti i rember i have an English assignment due tomorrow as well i hate school. so all i do today is doing stupid stupid stupid assignments what a perfect waste of a sunday. GGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR. im very angry cause i wanted to go shopping oh well.

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