Never Ending Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

About a 17 year old girl (kimi) that got abused by her dad and ran away and ended up meeting her idols and ended up having kids with Harry Styles


2. The story of how kimi met harry and ran away!

i woke up and it was dark as i got up slowly from my pool of blood holding my arm in pain i looked at the clock it was 3am i looked on the side to try and find some keys to unlock the doors to try to get out of this hell hole but there wasn't any i went to the living room rushing as my dad normally gets up around 5:30am i found they keys in my dad coat and i unlocked the door and ran! i ran so fast i could hardly breath!

I ran on to the main road and then stopped when i sore the most beautiful looking boys ive ever seen then i remembered there fudging one Direction!!!! but i was so weak from loosing so much blood and still loosing blood i fell to the ground before my eyes Shut I sore them look at me and come running Thats all i remember when i Blacked out.

Hi im Dr Rolland if you can hear me Squeeze my hand darlin the doctor Said.

But instead i opened my eyes to be greeted by bright lights and some doctors and nurses and of course the one direction lads.

Once the Doctors Checked me over blood pressure ect i looked at one of the boys who ive had a crush on since forever oh did i forget to mention im a HUGE Directioner I looked at him for about 5 mins before he said something to me.

Hi Cupcake what's your name? Harry said looking in my eyes.

Totally star struck i couldn't answer but i cleared my throat and said.

Hi im kimi mclarren looking at the doctors as they listened.

What happened to you harry said looking worried.

A tear fell from my eyes and that's when i was in the grip of Harry Styles this moment i wanted to last forever but he lifted my chin up and said Its okay you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.

He was so sweat and caring! 

And then i spoke up and said still crying ..

My dad Stabbed me in the arm with a knife and i cryed in to harry's chest.

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