Never Ending Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

About a 17 year old girl (kimi) that got abused by her dad and ran away and ended up meeting her idols and ended up having kids with Harry Styles


4. Kimi's Dad's POV (Jake Mclarren)

Jakes POV:

After i stabbed Her for talking back at me like that i went to bed i slept the day away and the night but before that happened i wasn't happy with her brother (ian) anyway so i let him stay at a friends ...

I got Up at my normal time 5:30am when i noticed the keys where in the front door so i rushed to the kitchen where i left kimi and she was gone all there was ... was a pool of blood on the floor where i left her at that moment i started to panic as i didnt want anyone knowing what i was doing to her because she would have won then so i rushed to her room to see if she had her mobile on her and it looked like she did as it wasn't in its normal place so i rang it.


Harrys POV:

I Sat There looking at her sleeping she was perfect she was told she would be let out of hospital the next day i felt so sorry for her but then i got snapped out of my thoughts by a phone ringing that was near her it lit up with the word dad on the screen so i picked it up.

 Hello? i said in a Worried voice

 Who is this where is my Daughter Kimi? he said in a panicky tone 

 you have no right to call her your Daughter you treated her like crap i know you stabbed her and you will never get near her again do i make myself clear i said in a angry tone.

 I told her if she ran away then she will have to be punished so i will find her and the rest you will find out he said with a angry tone.

so i put the phone down my hands was shaking,

at the point louis came in the room ...

Are you alright Harry Louis asked me as he can see me Shaking.

Kimi's Dad Rang and said she will have to be punished for running away when she gets out we have to hide her i told him panicking! 

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