Never Ending Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

About a 17 year old girl (kimi) that got abused by her dad and ran away and ended up meeting her idols and ended up having kids with Harry Styles


3. Harry's POV

Harrys POV:

I Was out side of a shop with my fellow band members ... Louis, Zayn , Liam and Niall when i sore this pail looking girl on the other side of the street and she was covered in blood and thats when she fell to the floor .. she was beautiful she had Light blonde hair and thats all i could see of her but i ran over to see if she was alright but i knew i had to get her to a hospital i kept talking to her but i had no response so me and Zayn and niall picked her up and tock her to the car while louis jumped in and liam help us to get her in to the car.

Louis hurry up shes loosing a lot of blood i said to him in panic.

We arrived with in minutes.

Me and the boys rushed her in to A&E and shouted for help with in seconds doctors got a Trolly and swept her away! 

I few hours later we was aloud to go see her with in 3 hours just sitting in the room The Doctor said to her .

Hi im Dr Rolland Squeeze my hand if you can here me darlin.

With in minutes she opened her amazing blue eyes and looked around she was just staring at me for a while so i just smiled i sat next to her and said

Hi Cupcake whats your name? looking in to her beautiful eyes.

She looked at me for a while and finally said Hi im kimi Mclarren but she was looking at the doctors. i was worried how she got her wound so i asked her ...

What happened i asked her with a worried look on my face but she just cried tears fell from her eyes and it broke my heart and i just cuddled her and lifted her head up by her chin and said Its okay you dont have to tell me if you dont want to and smiled at her. 

She finally told me that her dad Stabbed her with a knife and started really crying! so i just cuddled her.

I Turned and looked at the boys Niall had a tear falling from his eye and i looked back at her ... 

I Think Im Falling For Her!

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