Never Ending Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

About a 17 year old girl (kimi) that got abused by her dad and ran away and ended up meeting her idols and ended up having kids with Harry Styles


12. harry finding out

Harrys POV:

She seemed really upset so i decided to let her cool down i went to the bathroom to go to the toilet and something caught my eye so i looked at sore a pregnancy test it was Positive so i went to see kimi...

Kimi's POV: 

I was crying in to my pillow when i heard a knock at the door...

Come in i said with tears rolling down my cheeks 

Errm Kimi Are you Pregnant? he asked worriedly 

I Just looked at him and burst in to tears he just came over to me and hugged me i felt so safe in his arms but then he backed off and said the words i would of never thought i would hear him say...

we are going to bring up this baby if it kills us then he smiled and kissed me i felt so happy at this moment in time

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