Never Ending Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

About a 17 year old girl (kimi) that got abused by her dad and ran away and ended up meeting her idols and ended up having kids with Harry Styles


6. A Horrible nightmare came true

Louis's POV:

We pulled up and all of a sudden Kimi Bent down as if she had seen a ghost.

Whats Wrong i asked confused 

She pointed at the man stood at the bins 2 houses away and said in a panic ..

Thats My Dad Louis!!!!

With that Harry Got out of the car and went to him he looked so angry ive never seen him like that before his fists clenched i had to stop him but i was to late... 


Kimi's POV: 

I Heard harry shout OI! thats when a tear streamed down my face he got my dad to face a different way with that louis rushed me in to his flat i looked out the window and sore harry getting hit i shouted and ran out side i knew it was the wrong thing to do but i wouldn't let harry get hit for me.

My dad turned around and he seen me i froze all the boys came out and dragged harry in to the flat Niall and Zayn stood in front of me while my dad was turning very violent.

GET IN THE FLAT KIMI RUNN!!! i heard niall shout but my feet was frozen i couldn't move! 


Harry's POV:

I Got Dragged in to the flat by Louis and Liam i was bleeding all over my face and i got kicked in the tummy i was hurting so much but with 2 seconds of being in the house i heard niall shout GET IN THE FLAT! but she didnt come through that door i became so worried so i went to the window as i heard her scream! i sore niall on the floor and Zayn came in to get louis and liam to help as kimi was dragged by her hair in to the house all i was thinking is she going to be okay? i fell to my knee's crying in pain but not just because i was in pain then unwillingly i shouted I LOVE YOU KIMI!!!!! 

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