Never Ending Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

About a 17 year old girl (kimi) that got abused by her dad and ran away and ended up meeting her idols and ended up having kids with Harry Styles


13. 9 months later

the pregnancy went really well but im as huge as a house!!!

i could hardly do anything for myself .

HARRRYYY i shouted from the living room but he didnt come so i shouted for him again and he still didnt come i found a note on the table .


Dear my little cupcake 

Me and the boys had a interview to go to 

but i didnt want to wake you if you need anything just call me..

With that i smiled but then i felt something coming out of me it felt warm and wet 

Omg my waters just broke!!! 

i phone harry but no answer so i phoned him like 4-5 times more still no answer so i phoned zayn and he picked up 

Hello? zayn said down the phone

But then i had a contraction omg it hurt so much i screamed and the phone hit the floor

Zayns POV:

Hello?? i said as kimi phoned me 

I heard her scream and a bang i think the phone fell

Hello kimi?? are you there???

Finally i got a answer

Zayn ive gone in to labour get harry now!!! she shouted 

Harry mate Kimi's gone in to labour we need to get back to the house ASAP!! i said panicking 

Alright kimi calm down niall's on his wasy with louis!!! i said to her calming down 

Kimi's POV:

i was on the floor In so much pain crying with that louis and Niall came storming through the door...

Kimi?!?!?!?! i heard louis shout!

Down here! i said in a panic

Come on we need to get to the hospital but the head was slowly coming out ...

I want harry i cried 

Louis POV:

I phoned harry 

Hello louis how is kimi im on my way... he said 

Well the head is out we need you here like now 

omg where is she are you at the hospital he said panicking 

well no but niall is Delivering the baby i said laughing!

We have a baby i heard niall shout ... 

LOUISSS SHES NOT BREATHING niall was in a panic with that harry came through the door and stood there white as a sheep 

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