more than friends

The stars:Louis Tomlinson and Emily Davis Two teenagers are best friends and always came through for them.Well all of that changes one day!


3. The kiss

My hands were shaking and was nervous too even lean in too his face."So what do you want too do"?Louis asked."Kiss"?I asked.Why did I asked that?"Okay"......we lean in too kiss and I spilled my drink on my legs!"Oh no"I yelled.Louis ran fast too the kitchen too get the red rag sitting on the table and cleaned my pants but stopped.It went up my shirt and he actually wiped it up and it was really weird.When he was done he gave me one of his shirts and pants."Why are you not wearing a shirt"?I asked."I don,t know do you want me to wear a shirt"?"NO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He laughs and leans in too kiss me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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