more than friends

The stars:Louis Tomlinson and Emily Davis Two teenagers are best friends and always came through for them.Well all of that changes one day!


2. The best gift ever

The best gift ever was a kiss!                                                                                                                                                                                                 "I wanted it too be a surprise but you already found out about it because of the note".He joked "Ha yea"I said with nothing too say.We started going out once a week and sometimes he would get me a stuffed animal or a box of chocolate and I would cherish every night with him and would love too stare into his lovely blue eyes and his nice big smile.He was so nice and he always knew what too say."Do you want too stay the night at my house"?Louis asked."Okay"!We had a party ate pizza and watched movies for the whole time.It was so much fun but I wanted too do more........We never kissed so I thought it could be the perfect night for my first kiss with the best boyfriend.

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