more than friends

The stars:Louis Tomlinson and Emily Davis Two teenagers are best friends and always came through for them.Well all of that changes one day!


5. In the band!

"So I was thinking and maybe you could meet my friends"! "Okay". My hart was thumping when I said yes too that question.I already knew all of them but never met them.Maybe it would be fun to actually meet them!We went in the car and drove to the house.It was 10:00 and of course they all just woke up.I met them and Harry was really good at cooking but sometimes he would tell everybody to get out of his kitchen! It was funny.We were done eating and we started too talk and somehow Louis dropped up and said something crazy."Emily do you want too join the band"? I gasped and of course I said yes.We all cheered and went out for icecream too celebrate!So now I was a professional pop rock singer with One Direction!

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