more than friends

The stars:Louis Tomlinson and Emily Davis Two teenagers are best friends and always came through for them.Well all of that changes one day!


1. L+E

"Louis"Mr.Brown said  "Here" Louis said "Emily" "Here".We did that for a couple of minutes and we finally started to do work.My eyes were on the board for so long that I did not even notice the slip of paper by me on the floor.I picked it up and saw Louis name on it! I read it about a couple of times because he is british so it was kind of hard to read but than I finally found out it was a love letter for me! Love letter:Roses are red and Violets are blue we are perfect together like two angels on a tree                         Right after class I asked about that note and he said that it was for valentines day and had no feelings for me.I was okay about what he said and did not mind that but still secretly had feelings for him so I just waited till valentines day and instead of a card I got something really different.

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