Us against the world

This is the sequel to 'Cyber Louis' check that out before you read.
Rae and Louis have overcome a lot, but their happy ending is far from them. They will do everything in their power to find Reiss, but how much time do they have? Louis and Rae are forced to start a new school, the one Louis tried to avoid. Many things will try and get in their way, but is their relationship strong enough to survive anything?


1. Prologue

One month later…

Louis pulled me on to him, stopping me from leaving our flat.

“I need to go” I laughed.

“No” his arms wrapped around me.

“Louis” I chuckled.

“I’ll come with you?”

“Yeah and then you will be mobbed. Don’t worry it’s fine I won’t be long my Lou.”

“You better not” a smile appeared on his face as he kissed me.

“I love you” I whispered.

“And I love you,” he said before I left.

Louis and I have lived here in London for a couple of weeks now. He knew I wouldn’t be able to stay where we were, too many horrific memories. Reiss, I miss him more and more everyday if that was possible. I don’t know how but I will find him, I won’t stop until I have. Louis bought us a one bedroom flat as soon as we moved here. It really is something, very cosy. We hardly leave, never leaving each other’s side but it makes it difficult to go out anywhere due to Louis being who he is.

“Can I have 2 cheese bagels and 2 coffees please” I said to the woman behind the counter.

“Sure anything else?” she asked sweetly.

“No thank you.”

“That will be £5.40.”

I handed her the money and leant against the nearest wall waiting for it to be ready. Louis doesn’t know how nervous I am for tomorrow. It kills me to know we have to start a new school. I think we’ve all gathered I don’t do well with people. Yes Louis will be there with me, but he knows everyone as he’s been there before. The rest of One Direction goes here, who I still haven’t met yet.

“There you go” she passed me my order.

“Thank you” I said before leaving McDonalds.

Once home I found Louis in the same position I left him. He stretched his arms out before rolling on to the floor. I raised my eyebrow as he crawled towards me.

“Louis what are you doing?” I asked.

“Stretching” he smiled his most dazzling smile.

Louis’ POV

Is it weird that I felt like the luckiest guy in the world? Yeah sure life hasn’t always worked out for me, even now because Reiss is missing. But waking up to her every day is enough for me. She doesn’t know how beautiful she is and this saddens me.

Kings Cross High school is where we shall be this time tomorrow. She seems pretty fine about it which shocks me, considering what happened in our last school. I haven’t set foot in that school since the day One Direction decided to take a ‘years’ break. They all still go there, but after the break I wasn’t the same. Thinking about it now I can see it was a good idea. If we carried on how we were it would have been destructive to say the least. I wasn’t like I am now. In fact I was worse before I even met Rae. Fame went to all of our heads, we saw ourselves as invincible in some ways we were. That was the problem. People used to hang on our every word and do whatever we told them to.

I thank Rae every day for saving my life. She thinks I’m being dramatic or cheesy but it’s true. If she never helped me I would have destroyed myself and everyone around me.

I’ve missed the boys more than I ever thought I would. They are my brothers, no matter what has happened. I haven’t kept in contact with them this past year, but they knew I wouldn’t. At first I was mad at them for taking the break, then my life spiralled out of control and I had lost care, and then I met my Rae.

“You look in deep in thought” Rae mumbled as she took a bite of her bagel.

I shrugged “just thinking.”


“Are you nervous for tomorrow?” I asked her.

She shrugged “I’m with you that will be enough.”

“You haven’t answered my question” I pointed out.

“Yes I am nervous” she admitted. “But thinking about it will get me nowhere.”

I grabbed her shirt pulling her closer to me. She kissed me gently wrapping her legs around my waist.

“You like sitting on my lap?” I laughed.

“It’s alright I suppose.”

I shook my head “come on it’s time for bed” I lifted her up.

“I haven’t finished my bagel” she moaned.

“You should have thought about that before you sat on my lap.”

“Louis you’re the one who put me there?”

“Oh did I?”

By this time she was laying on our bed “good night” she whispered closing one of her eyes. I sat down on the floor and pulled her legs so she fell on top of me.

“You need to stop getting on top of me” I joked.

She rolled her eyes, a reoccurring thing. I left a trail of kisses down her neck causing her to let out soft moans.

“Louis no” she fought back.

“Why not?”

“I need to be prepared for tomorrow” she sat down on the bed.

“Fine but don’t come crawling back to me if you change your mind” I winked.

She giggled “oh don’t worry I won’t.”

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