Us against the world

This is the sequel to 'Cyber Louis' check that out before you read.
Rae and Louis have overcome a lot, but their happy ending is far from them. They will do everything in their power to find Reiss, but how much time do they have? Louis and Rae are forced to start a new school, the one Louis tried to avoid. Many things will try and get in their way, but is their relationship strong enough to survive anything?


25. Chapter 24

How can a world so evil have such good living in the centre of it? A boy so helpless, so pure and innocent thrust upon the kind you would want to stay away from. He had no choice but to adapt and love his surroundings, his sister Rae, the girl who he wanted to live for, to make her happy once and for all, Louis, the celebrity he had listened to and become to love like a brother. How could he fight so hard for them when all he wanted to do was die? Would his mother find him and take him back, torture him more and eventually kill him, or would things be different and he could be happy, the kind of happiness a boy deserved?

Reiss’ POV
Rae pushed the cupboard in front of the door so she could talk to me. She never speaks, not since the first beating I witnessed. My hand supported hers as we lent back on the cupboard closing our eyes. I wanted to talk to her maybe even reassure her that we will be okay. But I don’t think I would make a good liar, so I keep quiet, it’s probably best that way.
“I love you Rae” I said quietly but she didn’t answer clearly she was asleep.
I looked around at her room, it was slightly bigger than mine, mine was merely a box. Her bed was comfier than mine, this is a big reason why I like to sleep in here. She moved a little and her eyes opened, she turned round defensively and looked at me “Reiss” she breathed. I smiled slightly at her and rested my head on her arm. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep” she apologised thinking I cared. “I’m just so tired you know? All I want to do is sleep” I knew she wanted to say more, but she chose not to and stopped.
I tapped her leg and stood up, she tilted her head as I went under her bed and brought out a game. The game was called sticks, and she used to play it with me when I was younger. She chuckled as she wiped her tears. I placed the game on to the ground and we spent the rest of the night playing. It was much easier to sit in silence, I think we both liked that.

Rae and I played the game on and off after a big fight with mum and dad. It was the only thing that calmed her. Sometimes she would speak to me, other times she had no words.
“Reiss why do you never speak to me?” she sighed. I of course didn’t answer only a frown could be shown on my face. “I don’t blame you” she said to me, “after what mum and dad do, but you do know you can talk to me right?” she said. She didn’t wait for an answer and continued to ramble on “imagine what it would be like if they died, we could have all the conversations we wanted. We could even escape one day, just you and me I would like that, you would to?” she looked at me and I nodded. “Yeah I would like that” she smiled.

The bullies at school never bothered me, nothing but my parents scared me. Other kids would taunt me until I spoke, it was only a swearword here and there, other times I never bothered and accepted the beat in. “Reiss you little wimp, what do you thinks going to happen huh?” one said. “Do you even know how to speak?” another laughed. “Does Rae speak? Or are you both as worthless as each other” one spat at me. I didn’t like it when they insulted Rae, she was perfect to me despite what anyone said. “She would never get a boyfriend look at her clothes” one of the girl’s laughed, remembering that she’s only 9 made me feel a little at ease. “Your mum should have had you aborted” Billy the only name I remember shouted at me. “Fuck off” I shouted “fuck off fuck off fuck off” I continued until I was escorted off the playground. Obviously I didn’t answer any of their questions and immediately got sent home from my foul language. That was the first time mum ever hit me, I didn’t tell Rae though she would have gone berserk. She cared about me too much, the pain I put her through just from being a ‘wimp’ and too afraid.

Rae’s picture came into my mind, her beautiful smile and the laugh that followed it. She looked at me for a second before her face turned cold “you will wake up Reiss, you can’t leave me alone. It’s always been me and you hasn’t it? That will never change, we just have an extra person in our family. But you love him and so do I, he will take us away he found you Reiss, he found you.” But he left… I thought to myself, he believed my mum and left me alone. I don’t even know where I am, I don’t want to know anymore. I wish the darkness would swallow me up and take me away, somewhere happy. I want to be with Rae and Louis no matter how much he annoyed me, but he left.

I made a promise to them that I would survive. That’s all I had to do, they just had to find me. Louis promised me he wouldn’t stop looking for me, and I believe him.

I surrendered and allowed my body to fight for my life.

Rae’s POV

“What am I supposed to do if he dies?” I said quietly not expecting anyone to answer. Louis held my hand and pulled me onto his lap, I tried to get off him but he pulled me back down. He and I both knew I wanted to be there so neither of us put up anymore fight. I sunk down into his arms and closed my eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
Louis looked at Harry “can you give us a sec?” After he was gone he turned me around so we were facing each other. “Honestly I didn’t know how you would react. It’s like walking on egg shells around you constantly, but I understood why so I never said anything, I never let myself get angry at you. Then you decided we needed time a part and I started to lose it thinking I would never get you back. The only thing I had to keep me going was knowing Reiss was out there, and I concentrated on finding him.”
“I don’t care what your reasons are he’s my brother Louis, mine you should have told me” I shouted.
“Yeah and what good would that have done?” he said angrily standing up. “I have done everything for you, only to become second best to that tosser.”
“Nothing is going on with Stuart” I said tired and angry.
“And I believe you but you still chose him over me” he coughed and wiped his eyes.
“Louis” I began to say until we were interrupted by Reiss.
“Where am I?” he mumbled as his eyes fluttered open.

(Here's a long chapter as I've taken so long to update!)

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