Us against the world

This is the sequel to 'Cyber Louis' check that out before you read.
Rae and Louis have overcome a lot, but their happy ending is far from them. They will do everything in their power to find Reiss, but how much time do they have? Louis and Rae are forced to start a new school, the one Louis tried to avoid. Many things will try and get in their way, but is their relationship strong enough to survive anything?


3. Chapter 2

Louis’ POV

I have been in this school for less than an hour and I already regret coming here. It was good seeing Liam and Harry, they’re cool. But the girls in this school are constant reminders of my past.

“Fuck off is it true?” I heard Niall running outside the classroom.

“Niall come here” a woman ordered.

“I need to see him” he shrieked.

“Niall” she shouted again.

Niall burst through the classroom, a beatific smile spread across his face. Before I knew it he was in my arms almost knocking me off my chair.

“Why didn’t you call and tell me?” he half shouted.

“Surprise?” I laughed.

“Niall get here” the woman made an appearance.

“Ignore that old bat” he whispered to me.

I burst out laughing “I’ve missed you Niall.”

“Come sit with us at lunch?”

“Will do” I smiled at him.

“Got to go” he sighed as the woman dragged him out.

Warmth spread across my heart, god I’ve missed that boy.

“Settle down class” Miss Peterson called out. She hasn’t changed a bit…

I sat there for the majority of the lesson brooding over Rae and what she will think. She knows I used to be different, maybe not to the extreme but she knows.

At lunch I waited outside in the hallway for Rae. Wasn’t sure which class she had first.

Zayn jumped on my back “why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

“Sorry” I frowned.

“Come on” he grabbed my arm pulling me into the canteen.

The canteen was much nicer than before. The walls have been repainted purple. Pictures have been drawn on the wall. It even contained pictures of different foods, that’s nice…

He sat down at a big table in the middle of the canteen. Harry and Liam joined us along with many girls.

“I see things haven’t changed round here” I whispered to Harry.

“You kidding?” he laughed. “Things will probably get worse now you’re here.”

“Great” I rolled my eyes.

Niall came into the canteen his hand placed in a girl’s hand. No doubt about it she was gorgeous, very sweet looking, very Niall.

“Hey guys” he smiled. “Louis I want you to meet the one and only Alina.”

I held out my hand “nice to meet you.”

She was very quiet, kept herself to herself but there was a certain spark about her.

“How’s Niall been since I’ve been gone?” I asked her once they were seated.

Her smile infected me “he’s been amazing.”

“What lies are you telling her?” I joked.

“Oi I don’t lie” he laughed.

“So I hear you have a girlfriend as well where is she?”

“I’m not sure” I looked around the canteen.

Rae’s POV

The canteen was packed full with people all seated on their usual tables. I noticed the girl’s from earlier chucking bits of food at Nat. Louis was sitting down next to the rest of One Direction a long with millions of girls and she was all alone.

I sat down in front of Nat placing my tray of food down in front of me. She looked up to me stunned as I tucked into my food.

“Sorry do you want me to move?” she frowned.


“I don’t understand.”

“I want to sit with you if that’s alright” I smiled warmly at her.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. You’re dating Louis.”


“I’m not like those people” she shrugged.

“Neither am I? Besides Louis isn’t bad I don’t know the others.”

She looked close to tears as another piece of food was thrown. I’ve had enough of these bitches.

“Oi” I shouted. “Throw one more piece of food at her I dare you.”

I felt everyone’s eyes on me at my confrontation towards the girls. One of the girls stood up holding a heap of pasta in one hand. She walked over to us glaring at me through her coal black eyes. She dumped the food on Nat’s head and crossed her arms.

“Sorry what did you say?”

Nat was already gone. Probably feeling humiliated and mortified a lot how I felt on a daily basis. I grabbed the nearest bit of food I could find which was a slice of chocolate fudge cake and threw it at her.

Louis grabbed me pulling me away from her.

“What the fuck Gina?”

“You’re kidding me right she was the one who put the food on me” she cried.

“Don’t give me that shit” he hissed as he led me to the table he was sitting at.

“I’m going to kill her” I whispered.

“No Rae think about why we’re here for Reiss remember?”

I closed my eyes picturing Reiss’s face, his desperate look with his eyes wide. This brought me back and caused me to nod.

“So you must be Louis’s girlfriend” Niall smiled.


“I can see you’re fitting in here perfectly” he teased.

“Is everyone like that?”

He shook his head “not everyone but most yes.”

~ ~ ~ ~

The first day had come to an end and Louis and I were finally alone.

“I’m sorry this was a mistake” Louis rubbed my arm.

“No, this is good well not good but I think I can help her.”


“Nat, she needs my help she needs a friend.”

He smiled “this is why I love you.”

I lent my head back on his chest “what are your opinions on seeing them again?”

He sighed “I’ve missed them so much, but at the same time I feel like my past will get in the way of us.”

I shook my head “don’t think like that.”

“So at what point today did you feel like I was an ass?” he asked.

“You weren’t today but I can’t believe you dated that girl” I frowned.

“I was different back then.”

The conversation came to a halt. I wouldn’t let our pasts define who we are.

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