Us against the world

This is the sequel to 'Cyber Louis' check that out before you read.
Rae and Louis have overcome a lot, but their happy ending is far from them. They will do everything in their power to find Reiss, but how much time do they have? Louis and Rae are forced to start a new school, the one Louis tried to avoid. Many things will try and get in their way, but is their relationship strong enough to survive anything?


13. Chapter 12

Rae’s POV

I had to admit maybe drinking last night wasn’t the best option but it made me feel so… Having those few hours where nothing hurts, you suddenly don’t care. If Louis would have seen me he would have flipped.

“I’m going to school” I kissed Louis as he lay there in bed.

“I’ll meet you at lunch baby girl” he whispered rolling over.

“Love you” I shouted going out the door.

Nat left a seat for me in first lesson, her bruises had gone down since yesterday which I was thankful for.

“You feeling alright?” she asked.

“Funny I was about to ask you the same question” we both laughed.

“Well I’m alright” she said “but are you?”

I nodded.

It’s weird to think at the start of the year Nat and I rarely got on, but now we have become quite good friends. Unaware Harry was in this lesson I jumped back when he sat on our table.

“Did I scare ya?” he chuckled.

I blushed and kept my head down.

“Look I’m not here to have a go I just want to ask you something” his face softened.

“Go ahead” my eyes met his.

“Are you and Louis leaving?”

Nat’s eyes shot in my direction and I suddenly froze. All this time I always presumed I would be happy to leave, sure I hate the majority of the people but I have gotten to know a few people. Then it suddenly hit me it was Reiss’ birthday today, how did I forget?

“Earth to Rae” Harry brought me back to this life.

I shook my head “sorry err what did you say?”

He frowned “are you both leaving?”

“I don’t know” I said bluntly.

Harry unaffected by my tone continued to sit there awaiting a better answer.

“Look he would never leave his precious Harry” I growled storming off.

I managed to grab the contents of the toilet roll and used it to wipe my eyes. Tears poured from my eyes constantly for about an hour. Is mum even celebrating it with him? Does she even know it’s his birthday?

Someone knocked on the door, I opened it and noticed Shelly eurgh.

“Yes?” I asked.

“I need to use the toilet” she said coldly.

“There’s four more?” I snapped.

“Yes but I like that one”

I rolled my eyes and left the toilet so she could go in.

The pain in my chest was unbearable, I keep picturing Reiss’ face, so pale and fragile. He probably doesn’t understand anything or even where I am. Does he think I left him?

I quickly exited the toilets so I didn’t have another run in with Shelly and found Stuart sat on the floor.

“You alright?” I sat down next to him.

I noticed the bottle of vodka in his hand, he smiled and handed me the bottle.

“Perfect” he grunted.

I gulped some down and passed him back the bottle “me too.”

“So what did you want to talk to me about?”


“The other day, which I am sorry about by the way” he gave me a sincere look.

“It’s fine, do you know what it doesn’t matter I’m getting involved where I shouldn’t.”

“It’s about Kelly isn’t it?” he lifted his brow.

I nodded looking at the red locker in front of me, with the obvious dent where someone must have lost it.

“You don’t need to look out for me Rae” he smiled and continued “It’s not your job to look after everyone.”

“No it isn’t but if no one is looking after their selves then someone should, I wish…”

“You wish what?”

I sighed “that someone looked out for me when I needed it.”

“You’ve got a lot of skeletons in your closet huh?”

“More than you know” I gave him a half-hearted smile.

Louis’ POV

My head was pounding and I had no idea why, I had no energy to go in but I promised Rae I would meet her for lunch. My blue shirt hung over the chair with a pair of jeans which I’m guessing Rae left out for me. I put them on after my shower and tried to savour my hair that stuck in different directions.

It was a little bit before lunch time so I’ll just wait out in the corridor for her. I rested against one of the sickly walls and looked at my phone. Twitter is boring. I don’t bother with face book. One of my followers – who I see a lot in my mentions – I decided to follow, hopefully making someone happy. I noticed Stuart and I think Rae, what is she doing with that dick? I pushed myself off the wall and walked over in their direction.

“Rae” I called out.

The girl turned to face me confirming it was my Rae.

“Hey” she smiled.

I repeat why the fuck is Rae with him? I raised my brow at the bottle of vodka he held close to him, as if he were lost without it. For a long time that was me, but I’ve changed, he will never change. Rae stood up and so did Stuart.

“This is Stuart” she smiled.

“Yeah we’ve met” I said coldly not taking my eyes off of him.

He smiled and shook his head “nice seeing you again Lou” he looked down at the bottle. “Do you want some?” his smug expression making me cringe.

“I don’t drink anymore” and I think I noticed Rae frown.

“That’s a shame” Stuart sighed.

“Shouldn’t you be with Kelly or wait is she with Harry?” I pulled a face causing Rae to glare at me.

“Louis we need to talk” she said.

“See you around mate” I laughed walking away with Rae.

“Are you going to tell me what the fuck that was about?” she shrieked.

“There’s a lot you don’t know Rae”

“That’s because you never tell me anything” she growled.

"And I have good reason not to, trust no one in this hell hole and I mean it.”

“Why should I trust you?”

I laughed in disbelief “what is happening to you Rae?”

Tears appeared in her eyes “It’s Reiss’s birthday today”

“I’m sorry I must have forgotten” I kept my head down.

“I just want to be alone, Is that okay?”

“Yes but keep away from Stuart Rae, he’s bad news” I tried to tell her.

She rolled her eyes and kissed me before walking away.

I tweeted Happy Birthday Reiss, I miss you. I have to pray he sees this and that he has twitter but I doubt that very much.

My heart stopped when I noticed the username ‘ReissQuinn’ is being used. It had one tweet and it was to me ‘Louis’…

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