Us against the world

This is the sequel to 'Cyber Louis' check that out before you read.
Rae and Louis have overcome a lot, but their happy ending is far from them. They will do everything in their power to find Reiss, but how much time do they have? Louis and Rae are forced to start a new school, the one Louis tried to avoid. Many things will try and get in their way, but is their relationship strong enough to survive anything?


2. Chapter 1

Rae’s POV

It doesn’t matter where you went, school was always the same. You had your popular crowd who ‘owned’ the school, the crowd who were overlooked but made no effort to associate with people, and then there were those few who were different and bullied because of it. I was one of them once. But this time it was different, there was no reason for me to be bullied right? I had Louis Tomlinson as my boyfriend, a new wardrobe, no parents and no care in the world about anyone who tried to bring me down.

Louis clung to me as we walked through the hallway. A group of girls surrounded one of the lockers, trying to fit their heads together to take a picture of the first day of term. It was weird being the new girl, especially Louis being new too well kind of.

“So if it isn’t Louis fucking Tomlinson” Harry shouted from across the hall causing heads to turn.

Louis’ lips curved into a smile as Harry approached us. His hand left mine as his arms wrapped around Harry.

“Good to be home?” he asked Louis.

Louis shrugged “it is what it is.”

Harry frowned “we’ve missed you.”

“I missed you to” he patted his shoulder, before his hand returned to mine.

“Are you planning on introducing us?” Harry raised his brow.

“This is my girlfriend Rae, Rae this is Harry.”

I like being known as Louis’ girlfriend.

“Hey it’s nice to meet you” I smiled warmly at him.

He stared at me lost for words, until Liam I think it is bumped into him.

“What the hell are you staring at?” Liam asked him.

As Harry’s eyes remained on me, Liam allowed himself to look. His eyes widened as he looked at Louis and I.

“I didn’t know you were coming” he smiled. “Who’s this, another one of your…”

“No it’s my girlfriend” he interrupted him before he said something I wouldn’t have liked to hear.

“Huh” he stood there stunned. “Well I’m Liam” he held out his hand for me to take.

I shook it “Rae.”

“Okay Harry can you stop staring at my girl?” Louis asked agitated.

Harry shook his head “sorry I have to go” he muttered before leaving, a crowd followed him.

“What’s up with him?” he asked Liam.

Liam shrugged “have you seen Niall?”

Louis shook his head, “no, where is he?”

“He’s probably with his girlfriend.”

“Wait Niall has a girlfriend?” Louis asked shocked.

“I don’t know why you’re shocked, no one is more shocking than you having one” Liam admitted.

“Things change” Louis shrugged.

“You really have, it’s nice.”

“Come on” he whispered to me. “See you in a bit” he said to Liam.

“So it looks like the whole school has the same view of you as the old one?” I asked him.

He nodded “sorry.”

“Don’t be” I rubbed his hand.

“Well if it isn’t Louis” a girl with strikingly blonde hair smiled seductively.

“I haven’t got time Shell,” he pulled me in the other direction.

“You replaced me with her?” she laughed.

The feeling of my heart sinking hit me, as the words were said. Louis pulled me away from everyone into a corner of the hallway.

“Maybe we should have talked about things before we came here” he frowned.

I don’t know why I was annoyed “no need I can find out for myself, got to go lesson see you later” I pushed past him back into the hallway.

He tried to follow me but quickly gave in. I can already tell this school is going to be a handful, just my luck.

First lesson was History. This is was my favourite lesson in my old school.

“Class I would like to welcome a new student, this is Rae” my teacher smiled warmly at the class.

I debated on waving but then I thought that would be lame right? A boy patted the seat next to him, Louis wouldn’t approve but he looked nice.

“I’m Stuart” he smiled.

“Hi” I returned the smile.

“So you’re the new girl everyone’s talking about.”


“You’re going to get noticed if you turn up with Louis.”

“Great” I sighed.

“What’s wrong afraid you’ll be like all of them?” he nodded towards the wannabe’s at the back laughing hysterically at nothing.

“I’m not like them” I cringed.

“Oh it’s just I’m pretty sure they’ve all slept with one of One Direction” he whispered.

“So because you sleep with one of them it makes you an automatic slut?” I fought back.

He shrugged.

“Louis is my boyfriend” I admitted.

“That’s what they all say” he winked.

“We’ve been together for a while now” I frowned.

“Look I’m not going to judge you. I’ve known Louis for a long time, so you can understand why that’s hard for me to believe.”

“He’s changed” I defended him.

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Another person added to my ‘do not like’ list. Jesus that list is really building up and it’s only first lesson. So maybe this won’t be any different from the last school, maybe it will be the exact same.

Some of the girl’s laughed at a girl sitting by herself. She was very petite, shy and had dirty blonde hair. She was pretty and cute so that can’t be the reason they’re laughing.

“Hey Nat what does that rhyme with?” one of the girl’s snickered.

Nat I’m guessing kept quiet and jotted down the rest of the notes written on the board.

“Fat is it?” another girl asked.

How can they say she’s fat? They are all bigger than her?

“Assholes” I muttered under my breath.

“Wow” Stuart said shocked.

“What?” I asked.

“I’ve never heard anyone talk about them like that. If I were you I would keep your opinions to yourself, they will eat you alive” he warned me.

“I don’t care” I said coldly.

“Every girl says that, hell even some boys say it. But they all regret it, don’t try and be the girl who thinks she can change the school.”

This prick was really starting to get on my nerves “thanks” I faked my best smile.

He laughed.

“Stuart come here” one of the girls from the back called out.

I raised my brow as he smiled at me and walked over there. She pulled him close to him and kissed him, before staring back at me. Oh please tell me she wasn’t jealous… But this is how society works, people need to show others what is there’s.

When he returned I lent close to him, aware the bimbo was watching me.

“Afraid that I’m going to steal you?” I joked.

He nodded “she doesn’t like people playing with her toys.”

“You’re a toy?” I asked.

He shrugged “don’t know what I am, but the sex is great.”

“How can you degrade yourself to that?” I spat.

“This isn’t like most schools Rae, it’s much worse.”

“Goody” I rolled my eyes.

A/N Btw I just want to say thank you for everything I have received so far, I'm actually shocked with how well it's doing love you all xxx

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