The Good The Bad and The Mad

A family with a gift thought to be extinct. A mad girl who can't speak. The person who wants them all dead. How will they survive... when there is a traitor among them, filtering information to the killer?


2. Chapter Two


I stared out of the window, open mouthed as the woman leapt through the air, flipping before gracefully landing on the grass in a roll. Her head span around and her eyes met mine for a moment, her face stretched into a feral grin before she ran towards the tree line.

I turned around and ran out of the room, shouting for my brother and Dad.

I wasn’t even going to attempt to go over the conservatory; although it was still intact, I knew the cracked glass wouldn’t take half my weight.

I was still marvelling over the woman’s speed and agility as I sprinted to the back of the house, tracking her crisp scent through the trees.

If I knew at least one thing about her, I knew she wasn’t human.

I could hear her gasping for breath ahead of me, not from exhaustion, but from the pain her twisted ankle was causing her.

Despite this, she was still moving fast, desperate to escape us for some reason.

Or maybe she was just mad. No sane person would escape over a conservatory roof.

I heard the woman trip over, and her breath hiss out in pain, but she didn’t make a sound. Maybe she was aware of our species and advanced hearing?

I ran as fast as I could, getting closer to her pained breaths.

Whoever she was, at the moment, she was a possible threat to my family.

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