The Good The Bad and The Mad

A family with a gift thought to be extinct. A mad girl who can't speak. The person who wants them all dead. How will they survive... when there is a traitor among them, filtering information to the killer?


3. Chapter Three


Damn! My ankle was on fire!

I forced myself to my feet, desperate to escape the man who was chasing me relentlessly.

Either he was just as mad as I was or totally sane and stubborn. I shuddered. Sanity. It must be so boring.

I tried running again as I heard the man getting closer to me, but fell on my ankle, hissing as pain shot up my leg.

I stood up, leaning against a tree and started forward, blocking the pain from my mind.

Suddenly I was tackled to the floor by a huge hulk of man, testosterone and adrenaline; not necessarily in that order.

I opened my mouth in a silent scream of pain as my body slammed to the floor under his rugby tackle.

I focused on breathing oxygen through my winded lungs as I glared up at the man on top of me. He held my hands down against the ground above my head. He had untidy dark brown hair, and piercing blue eyes.

‘Who are you?’ He asked fiercely. I shook my head from side to side, trying to pull my hands from his grip, which didn’t work. He just held them down tighter.

‘Fine, why were you running?’ He asked, anger creeping into his voice as he squeezed my wrists harder. Tears leaked down my face at the pain.

‘Sam! What are you doing?’ A sharp voice called from behind him. I craned my head to see an older and younger version of Sammy-boy emerge from the trees, except the younger version had lighter hair; maybe from his mother’s side?

‘She’s not answering my questions.’ He ground out between scraping his teeth.

God, anger management issues or what? I swear I could see a vein jumping in his neck like a freaking kangaroo.

If he wasn’t careful, he’d die of a heart attack before he was 30. If he had one right now, I’d be suffocated! He was like, four of me rolled into one. Not that I’m saying he’s fat, but he had some huge muscles, and was around six foot tall.

‘Sam, relax. Let her stand.’ Sam glared down at me again before yanking me to my feet. I flinched and hissed at him, showing him the finger as he shoved me forwards, still clutching my wrists in a death grip as he turned me around to face his Dad.

His Dad frowned at me, before asking me who I was.

I didn’t open my mouth. There was no point in embarrassing myself.

‘Hey, we won’t hurt you. Just talk to us.’ I snorted and rolled my eyes.

Sure as hell wish I could pap’s. I thought, staring down at the floor.

The younger boy took in a breath shooting his gaze between me and his dad. I frowned at him, giving him my full attention. No one else had reacted like that when I thought spoke. The last telepathist had died just after I had turned mute.

‘Please, speak to us.’

The boy frowned, confused. My heart beat quickened and my stare was locked on to his face.

Can you hear me? I thought shouted at him. I saw him wince and grinned, staring at him before laughing. He hadn’t even realised he was a telepathist!

Sam’s grip on my wrists tightened and both he and his father gave me odd looks, but the younger one stared at me, confused.

Thank God! I’d given up finding a telepathist! Can you tell your brother to let go of my wrists? It hurts. Can you juggle? What’s your favourite food? I like lasagne, because it’s all pasta and mince and sauce, but Chinese is quite nice too. Can you please ask your brother to let go? My hands are important. The boy stared straight at me, shocked. I laughed again, ignoring Sam’s grip tightening on my wrists.

Sorry, I’m slightly insane, happens after decades of not being able to talk. And all of the other things. I get distracted easily, but the last telepathist I met died in like, a few hours so I had no one to talk to with my head, just my hands and so many guys take that the wrong way, it’s unbelievable. Hello? Anyone home? I’m supposed to be the one who’s lost it, not you. Tell your big ass bully of a brother to let go of my wrists now before I kick his ass, because it’s really hurting now. Finally, the kid listened to me, and walked forwards, pushing his brother away, which must be pretty difficult, seeing as his brothers a freaking giant. I rubbed my wrists and smiled, thanking him in sign language and telepathy.

Thanks kid, thought I’d lose my hands for a sec there. He’s got some grip, like, leech never letting go grip.

‘Luke, what are you doing?’ His Dad asked, puzzled as Sam pushed himself up off the floor, rubbing his spine. Serves him right daft fucker, tackling me to the ground like a sack of potatoes. How would someone do that anyway? I hate that expression.

Luke huh. Wonder if he can juggle?

‘She’s in my head. Say’s I’m telepathic or something. She can’t speak.’ I nodded my agreement and started rambling in sign language.

It was obvious by their totally blank expressions that they didn’t understand so I shrugged my shoulders and sank to sit on the floor, staring up at Luke.

Can you juggle? I asked him, my head to one side. He frowned, and shook his head.

‘What did she say?’ Same asked, stepping forwards.

‘She asked if I could juggle. I think she’s kind of...’ Luke broke off, turning his finger in circles at the side of his head.

I glared at him.

Hey, my hair is not curly, it’s really naturally straight. It’s only frizzy like this cause I had to sit in a tree to watch your house for hours, and if that don’t make a girls hair go badly frizzy so it’s almost curly I don’t know what will! And I’m clinically insane, but good insane. You can say it out loud Luke. I’m proud of it. Sanity is really boring, oh, squirrel!!!

‘She, uh, really goes off track a lot.’ I heard Luke say as I stared at the squirrel jumping from one tree branch to another.

‘Why is she here?’ Sam asked his brother. I snapped around and glared at him. I stood up and stood in front of him so our faces almost touched.

I hate people like you. Just because I can’t speak you seem to think I can’t understand what you say. WRONG!! I understand every word you say if you speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian or Latin. So you can speak directly to me loser. Especially about this, seeing as I was sent here to spy on you and everything, that’s a pretty important and personal subject you know- I slapped my hands over my mouth, my eyes wide.


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