The Good The Bad and The Mad

A family with a gift thought to be extinct. A mad girl who can't speak. The person who wants them all dead. How will they survive... when there is a traitor among them, filtering information to the killer?


6. Chapter Six


I watched the girl roll around the bed, hugging a pillow to her chest and sucking her thumb.

It astonished me how someone could carry on moving with such deep wounds, but judging from the deep scars that criss-crossed her body she'd suffered far worse injuries in her life than these.

I silently got up out of the old patched armchair and crept out of the room, softly shutting the door behind me.

I walked downstairs, trying to figure the girl out. We knew nearly nothing about her, except that she was mute, mad, and a bloody good fighter. I would not have been able to deal with that thing that attacked me without getting severe wounds. People like me hunted in packs. Somehow, this small brunette girl managed to defeat it and still stand with the immense injuries she'd sustained. 

I strolled into the kitchen, still wondering about the girl, when I noticed Luke leaning his arms against the table, his fists covering his eyes. His skin was slightly pale and he had a light sheen of sweat covering his forehead.

'What's up Luke?' I asked, starting to fill the kettle with fresh water and putting it on the boil.

'She's still in my head.' He whispered, groaning and folding his arms on the table to lean his head on. 'I don't think she can control it while she's asleep. It's too much. I'm sleeping on the couch tonight.' He muttered, staggering into the living room across the hall and collapsing on the sofa. I dropped a teaspoon of instant coffee into a mug and poured the bubbling water into the cup.

That was another thing about her. She talked to Luke in his head. It must torture him; to have some mad girls voice invading his mind suddenly. Where we live we do not meet to many people other than the others in our pack. Maybe it's just people not in our pack he hear's the thoughts of?

'Sam, make me a coffee please.' Dad said as he walked in through the back door, his hands covered in dirt from burying the body of the creature that attacked me. I pulled another mug out of the cupboard and went through the ritual again.

'What was that thing Dad?' I asked, handing him the strong black coffee. He took a long gulp of the drink and sighed seriously.

'I have no idea. It has the basic structure of a human, and may have been one. But... there's so many things about it that are... alien. There's no other way to describe it.' 

I shook my head, drinking my coffee.

'She knows what it is Dad. She stopped suddenly, and when I moved it just attacked me. She must have seen it and froze. We need to ask her as soon as she wakes up.'

'Sam, she's lost a lot of blood, and any normal person would be out for months with the wounds she has! Hell, even we would be out for a week at least! There's no way we can question her. Sam has trouble getting a straight answer out of her apparently.' I stared at the last dregs of the black liquid in my mug and drained it.

'I dunno Dad. She's... different. She's not human, but she's not one of our kind. It's hard to explain. Don't you feel it too?' I asked, looking into his troubled dark brown eyes.

'I know Sam. But you saw the claws on that thing; they were at least four inches long and were completely embedded in her back! It was a miracle that both her lungs weren't pierced.' I nodded, taking my empty mug to the sink and rinsing it before leaving it to drain.

'What shall we do about-' Suddenly, Luke's ear splitting screams interrupted me from the living room.

Both me and Dad ran into the room to see him sitting on the edge of the sofa, his hands pressed over his ears, gripping the sides of his head so tightly his nails were digging into his scalp, making it bleed slightly. His eyes were wide open but he stared out blankly, not seeing anything.

'LUKE!' Dad shouted in his face, trying to pull his hands off his head, but Luke was clinging his head too hard.

'SHE'S IN MY MIND!' He screamed, his eyes staring far off unblinking. My eyes met Dad's for a moment before I turned and ran upstairs, bursting into the girls room. 

She was throwing herself around the bed, thrashing wildly, her eyes open, yet she was still asleep. Her mouth was open in a silent scream, and tears slid down her cheeks like tiny rivers of salt water.

Her thrashing had undone the bandages we had applied to her wounds, and blood covered the bed and the clothes we had lent her.

I strode across to her bedside and grabbed her shoulders, starting to shake her desperately, shouting at her to wake up.

Her head shook from side to side and the tears fell even harder than they had been before. 

Shouting and shaking her didn't seem to work, only making whatever Luke was hearing get worse, as his screams got louder.

I had an idea, and loosened my grip on her shoulders. Gently, I sat down on the bed and lifted her tiny frail body onto my lap, stroking her hair and whispering to her, holding her still to stop her thrashing in my arms.

Gradually, her breathing slowed and she stopped resisting me. Her head fell against my shoulder, and Luke's screams from downstairs faded.

I lay down on the bed, still holding her against me. 

Whatever her past had been like, it must have been awful, for even though Luke had stopped screaming, tears still slid down her face, staining my shirt and her cheeks.

I held her tighter in my arms and felt her grip on me tighten slightly. Was she aware of what was going on? If she was still seeing those images, had she somehow managed to block her thoughts out for Luke's sake?

I would find out when she woke up.

For now all I could do was try and keep her from hurting my little brother, and herself.

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