The Good The Bad and The Mad

A family with a gift thought to be extinct. A mad girl who can't speak. The person who wants them all dead. How will they survive... when there is a traitor among them, filtering information to the killer?


4. Chapter Four


I stared down at the girl who had just slapped her hands over her mouth. I glanced up to Luke. His eyes were wide, and his mouth had dropped open slightly.

'What did she say?' I asked him, staring at my little brother.

'She said she was sent here to spy on us...' He said, staring at her in wonderment. No surprise, seeing as her voice was inside his head. Judging from her appearance and wide eyes, I'd say she was almost completely mad.

'What for?' I asked him, ignoring the angry woman glaring daggers at me. I'm guessing she doesn't like being ignored. I smirked and carried on addressing Luke.

'Sam, please don't ignore her; my heads killing me! All she's going on about is you ignoring her, the Hulk and juggling. Just talk directly to her, please!' He clutched his head in his hands and stared at me, imploring me for my help. I nodded seriously and gripped the girls shoulders in my hands. Suddenly, I found myself on the floor, staring up into the trees. I blinked rapidly, seeing the girl laughing maniacally and pointing down at me.

'Oh. Turns out she knows Judo and stuff. Shouldn't grab her like that.' Luke said, resigning himself to the eternal chatter. I watched as her hands signed everything I presumed she was saying to Luke, and slowly pulled myself to my feet. I don't know what she did, but I was winded because of it.

She stuck her tongue out at me and grinned like a mischievous child. I glared at her.

'Listen woman.' I growled under my breath, ignoring my Dad trying to calm me down. She froze and stared at me, wide eyed.

'Tell us why you were sent here.' I asked through gritted teeth. I was desperately trying to retain control over my emotions, clenching and unclenching my fists and taking deep breaths.

She shook her head, her eyes wide.

'She says she can't tell us...' Luke said, sounding confused, but sympathetic. Even I could see the girl was scared of something...

Suddenly, she smirked evilly before turning and facing the trees. Somehow, she jumped up into the branches, and started running through the trees.

I growled, angry at how she'd tricked us... and lost control.

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