The Good The Bad and The Mad

A family with a gift thought to be extinct. A mad girl who can't speak. The person who wants them all dead. How will they survive... when there is a traitor among them, filtering information to the killer?


5. Chapter Five


I didn't mean to flip him on the floor; it's just become an automatic reaction when people grab me when I don't want them to, kinda like breathing I guess, it's just I won't die if I don't do it.

I was running through the trees, skipping from branch to branch, humming the Jaws theme tune in my head as the wolf boy chased after me on the forest floor.

I laughed, exhilarated from the chase and the huge amounts of adrenaline that was pumping through my veins. Not many could keep up with me, but these people where rare creatures. 

I shouldn't underestimate their abilities.

I felt my hairs rising on my neck, warning me of a new threat, and quickly froze in the trees. The wolf boy stopped seconds after me, and silence hung heavily in the air. 

I peered around me alertly. My eyes locked onto the intruder, and I froze, staring straight into coal black emotionless eyes.

As long as I didn't move, neither would the thing. 

Inevitably, stupid wolf boy decided that precise moment to growl angrily at me. Obviously, silly dog man couldn't sense the things.

I saw the thing's head snap around to face the wolf boy. It's huge skeletal mouth opened wide in an evil smirk, it's blackened and bloodstained teeth dripping with the juices of it's last victim.

It dropped the mauled squirrel out of its clawed hands before launching it's bony body through the air with incredible speed.

Wolf boy noticed the squirrel drop to the floor and jumped back in surprise. That probably saved his life.

The thing had dived with all of its power at him, its long claws outstretched to wrap around his throat.

Dog man stared at it in shock for seconds as it slowly raised it's head to stare at him in the eyes before letting out a hoarse jagged screech. It kind of sounds like someone with a really bad cold had swallowed a chainsaw and it was rattling in their voice box.

Before it could attack, I leapt from the tree onto it's back and wrapped my arms around it's throat, holding it in a tight choke hold. 

It screamed in pure anger and its jaws detached to gnaw on my arm with its broken infected jaws. It's withered arms reached around to allow it's talon like nails to tear through my flesh. I clenched my jaw, holding back my silent screams of pain.

I'd look like a crazy person clinging to this creatures back with my mouth wide open when no noise would come out. 

I saw the wolf boy growl angrily, and I shot him a glare that stopped him from taking a step towards the fight. 

Get lost wolfy! I thought, sticking out my tongue as the creature began to stand shakily, it's supply of oxygen quickly running out.

 It used the last of it's energy to ram me against a tree, forcing it's claws deeper into my back. I felt my warm blood spreading across my back. My eyes widened slightly in pain, but it was nothing compared to what I had experienced before.

I tightened my hold around his scrawny neck before feeling it snap under the pressure and it's body collapse to the floor, it's hands still embedded in my back. 

I elbowed it's arms so the inhuman fingernails flew out of my back. I breathed in sharply as pain overcame my resolve not to show weakness. 

I stood up and groaned as I looked down at my shirt.

The wolf stepped forwards, seemingly worried.

I started dusting the dirt and grease off of my shirt that had been encrusted on the creatures naked back, shaking my head sadly. 

I turned to face an area of the trees as I heard Sam and his Dad crashing through the trees. I grinned broadly as Luke emerged from the trees and strolled forwards towards him, signing everything I was telling him telepathically just out of habit. 

Hi Luke! You haven't told me if you can juggle yet. Can you juggle? It's an important skill you know. I can't tell you how many times it's helped me out of a tight pinch. There was that time in Berlin and in Moscow too! You should learn ,d'you want me to teach you? I was breathing heavily from the skirmish with the creature, but that wasn't important right now.

'Oh my God!' Luke said, ignoring my questions and staring at the blood that speckled my face and was pouring from my arms. 

You know, it's really rude to ignore people. And if you think this is bad, you haven't seen my back! But this isn't as bad as the time when- Oh! Not supposed to tell you that. Top Secret stuffs. They say anything in front of me because they think I'm not going to tell anyone just because I can't speak. I mean, I can sign and that's just about as good as speaking, don't you think? I could tell all of the mute and deaf people in the world all of the secrets of the Organization. Don't you think they're stupid? They should erase minds with a mind-sweeper, but they don't think of these things. Fancy juggling? 

'STOP TALKING TO ME IN MY MIND!' He shouted, his hands over his ears. I stepped back, blinking and scowled.

'Luke, stop shouting at her.' His Dad said, his voice shaking slightly. Guess they don't get any of the creatures out here.

Fine. I thought, turning around to pick up some pine cones. I heard him retching in a corner at the blood on my back.

'Sam! What happened?' His Dad asked, finally recovering from his shock. Wolfy boy Sam turned back into a human and was using his Dad's jacket to cover his nudity. Guess that's a downside of turning into an animal.

I found four pine cones on the floor and dropped to the floor, crossing my legs as I  began juggling picking up another one or two every so often as the men talked about what happened.

'I don't even know! I was chasing her and all of a sudden this... thing appeared out of nowhere, then she attacked it and... it happened so fast. She just killed it and now... look at her! She's bleeding buckets and is sitting there throwing pine cones around!'

JUGGLING! I thought shouted. Luke winced at the volume of my shout.

'She's juggling Sam. Please, don't annoy her. She shouts really loudly in my head and I cannot focus on anything.' Luke glanced over to me but quickly averted his eyes from the blood that was staining my shirt sleeve. I blinked hard, dropping my pine cones. I stood up and stared at the three men who were now looking at me. I waved, not saying anything to Luke, and grabbed the foot of the creature, dragging it behind me as I walked away.

'Where are you going?' The Father called, striding up and grabbing my arm. I was too injured to flip him as I did his son, so I just ignored him staring on ahead at a leaf parachuting to the ground.

'Let us help you. Please.' I blinked some more, turning my head to look away from him before pulling my arm away and starting to walk away.

Suddenly, my vision just faded and I felt the soft mossy, leaf strewn mud floor smash into my face.

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