Jess Malik is a normal 17 year old girl.But when she uploads a video of her brother and his mates goofing around and sing things begin to change......rapidly


2. the email


"ping" i was awoken by the sound of my computer.  i looked at my clock and saw it was 4:30 am, what was going on? "ping" i walked over to my computer and saw that the noise was because people were liking and commenting on a video. i looked over at the views and nearly fainted when i saw the number,16,567! i couldnt wait till morning to show the boys. i crept back into my bed and drifted of into dreamland with satisfaction on my mind and a smile on my face. i woke up ant 9:00 and went downstairs for breakfast. it was no surprise that the boys were there. on the table there was a big stack of panckes, on plates were sausage bacon and eggs. nialls plate was piled high i walked past and grabbed the firstpancake on his pile and shoved it in my mouth he gave me a pouty look and i stuck my tongue out at him. later on we all were in the living room and watching the telly when my phone went off. it was the video i had totally forgotten! i told the boys to come up to my room i had to show them something. i ran up the stairs and to my computer. jess wats going on?zayn questioned im hungry Niall stated louis took a carrot out of his pocket and gave it to niall i laughed and pulled up the video. guys look! is that us yes liam it is look at the views and comments. i then got an email we opened it and it was a record label asking if they wanted to record a few songs and see how it goes. we were al jumping screaming and so happy. 

hi guys sorry for the grammar ands spelling mistakes but i was rushing. also i know thats not how they were discovered but its called fiction for a reason

yours truly,


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