True Love

Ok so the first one was just a practice thing so im writing this one but this one is about a girl named Allison but everybody calls her Alliy. She has 4 friends that r always by her,there names r Jade,Savannah,Lesley,and Evelyn .Alliy just wants a normal boyfriend and have a normal life but that not what her future says.


2. This cant be happening

I started walking to the mall when a gray car started slowing down right by me.I slowed down to see who it was. i looked closer and found Dylan with a huge smirk on his face. I laughed a little when i saw him.

You need a ride?

Yup it sure beats walking.

I ran in and he started driving to the mall. We talked and sang to the radio.I started scream so loud when WMYB came on.He just kept laughing at me and i laughed at him. He dropped me off and i started looking for my friends.I Look and look and then i finally find them,but i find them talking to these 5 guys. all i saw was there back so i didnt know who they were. I walked up to them and thats when i notice who they are  

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