True Love

Ok so the first one was just a practice thing so im writing this one but this one is about a girl named Allison but everybody calls her Alliy. She has 4 friends that r always by her,there names r Jade,Savannah,Lesley,and Evelyn .Alliy just wants a normal boyfriend and have a normal life but that not what her future says.


1. Brother jeremy

  I wake up to find my annoying brother jumping on my bed trying to wake me up.

Okay okay!!! I'm up what do you want!?I said with a pillow on my face

I want you to play with me please!!!

Fine what do you want to play now?


Lol okay then get out of my room so i can go change ok?


I hear a buzz and look for my phone. When I found it i saw that i got a text from by boyfriend Dylan.

From Dylan<3:Morning babe wanna hang out later today?

To Dylan<3:Sorry cant i promised my little brother I would play super hero with him and then im going shopping with friends

From Dylan<3:Fine But im gonna miss u :(

To Dylan<3:I'll miss u too now I got to go bye.

I close the door and put on a neon green shirt. I put on my short jean shorts and put my hair in a messy bun. I walk in my brothers room and grab a iron man mask and put it on. He was already in his captain america costume and waiting on his bed.

Yay!!! LETS PLAY!!!!! 

~2 Hours later~

I herd my phone buzz again so i quickly grabbed it and stop play i herd my brother moan and walk in his room.

From Lesley:Hey u have to come to the mall right now ASAP!!!

To Lesley:What why!?

From Lesley:JUST HURRY!!!!

Jeremy im going to go shopping now so bye.

WAIT!!!I herd him yell


What about the game?

Ugh Later okay i got to go bye!

I herd him stomp off and i quickly took off the mask and grabbed some money, and started walking to the mall.

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