I love you..<3

Sophia and Brandon have just got together and with so many people trying to break them up, will they survive high school together?<3


2. two

Brandon - "Hey beautiful, at lunch will you come see me up in ict?"

Me - "Hey, yeah I will xx"

Brandon - "Great. Well, I'm off to school now. I'll see you later. xxxxxx"

Me - "Bye xxxx"

Brandon - "Love you xxxx"

Me - "love you xxxxxx"


Okay, so this is technically the first day me and Brandon have been going out and I'm nervous, because relationships always make things feel really weird and awkward. I do not want that. Me and Brandon have been good friends for a while now and I do not want that to change if this relationship doesn't work out. I don't want the akwardness of never talking. And I don't want one of those relationships where I do nothing but sit with him.

I want a normal relationship.

Where we talk to each other, spend time with each other. But then also have our own lives. With friends. And we don't spend every single second together.

Relationships where you see nobody but each other, never work.

Relationships where you never see each other, never work.

Relationships where you don't actually talk, with your mouths, face-to-face, never work.

This is why most of my relationships have never worked. I would never see them. I would never talk to them. Or I would see them all of the time, and then we'd sit and have nothing to talk about because everything I had done, I had done with him.

So yeah, I decided I had better start getting ready at about 10 past 8. I knew I was going to be late. My mother wasn't even up yet. And I cannot walk to school, living 35 miles away from the nearest school, was not the best option my mother had picked. But oh well. I slid on my black super skinny jeans, and realised something. They didn't fit me. They were too big.

I looked at the jeans I had slipped on. They were really rather baggy round my legs and waist. But normal round my ankles.

Great. I knew doing running and atheletics and sit ups and squats would help me lose weight. But I just wanted to lose enough weight so I didn't look fat in my skinny jeans anymore. Not look like I was wearing chinos all of the time.

I slipped my jeans off, and looked for my other school pants. I slid them on, they were still really baggy on me, but they fit me better than my "super skinny" jeans.

I slipped my t-shirt over my head, which was followed by my jumper.

I groaned.

I hated this uniform. I slipped on my black plimsoles. And picked up my bag which had everything I needed for a Tuesday at school; PE kit, maths book, english book, science book, health and social book and course work, ict course work, pencil case, ipod and headphones, makeup and my keys to get into my grannies house.

Twenty past eight now.



"It's twenty past eight. We need to go."

"I'm coming."

My mum came down the stairs. Looking... erm, stunning.

Her hair was in a messy bun, but not a nice one. It was the one that she had worn while she was asleep. She had her pyjamas on, and her dressing gown. But she had slipped on her black ugg boots so that she could drive.

"You should of woke me up earlier, Soph"

"Sorry, just got up ten minutes ago."

"I guessed. You have no makeup on, and you haven't straightened your hair. Bless."

"Ha-ha. Thanks for that mother. You look stunning, as per usual."

"Oh, aren't you just a lovely daughter."

"Well, I do try my best"


"Omg, she's seeing brandon isn't she?"

"That's what I heard."

"ew what would brandon see in someone like that?"

"shes horrible"

"he could do so much better"

This was just some of the comments I heard made about me as I walked through school to each one of my lessons. How so many people know, after I only got with him yesterday, is beyond me.

I hadn't even seen him all day.

How could so many people know?

"Before we pack away today, I would like you to find the value of 'c' in this equation."


This was the last thing I had to do before I went straight up to ict and saw Brandon.

c = 1.16666667

Done. Algebra was such an easy topic in mathematics, to be quite honest. I have always found it, quite a piece of cake, to be honest. It was funny because most people found it hard to grasp; letters and numbers. Ha.

I packed up all my things, and when Mr.Lincoln let us out, I practically ran out the class and up the stairs to ICT.

And nearly collapsed at the top of the stairs, because I couldn't catch my breath.

Well done, Sophia. Just die, before you even get a chance to spend a day with your boyfriend.

Within a couple of minutes, I got my breath back and was able to walk and breathe properly. I went into the ICT room that Brandon was always in. There wasn't many people here, for the time being. Just Jay, Connor, Brandon, Oscar, Ryan, Jack and Alyx.

Brandon hadn't noticed me come through the door, because he seemed in deep conversation with Oscar, Ryan, Jack and Alyx. And as I got closer to them, I realised they were talking about football.

Oscar was the first person to realise I was there, and ran to me with open arms. "SOPHIAAAA!"

"Oscar. No. Get off me." He wrapped his arms round me, and spun me round.

"Oscar, man. Leave her alone. You are not with her anymore. Brandon is." Ryan explained.

Oscar soon dropped me and I landed on my bum on the floor. Well, that was unpleasant. "WHAT?" Oscar seemed shocked and angry all at the same time.

He glared at Brandon and me. Brandon stood up and came to stand beside me and help me back to my feet. "Oscar, chill." I said, regaining balance on both feet. "I only started going out with him yesterday."

"But I am the last person to know, eh? Nice friends you are!"

"First of all, you're probably not the last person to know. And secondly, I am not your friend. You are my EX!" I practically screamed at him. Who the hell does he think he is?

Oscar stormed out of the ICT room, with a livid look on his face, and as he went out the door, Louis and Beckie were coming in and Oscar did the most polite thing ever; pushed them both onto their bums. How nice of him.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" Louis asked, after he got back to his feet and started helping Beckie up.

"Oh, I didn't tell him that I was going out with Brandon now, and it annoyed him. A lot, by the looks of it."

Beckie jumped to her feet, shocked expression on her face. "WHAT?!" Beckie screamed.

I gave her a confused look.

"You're going out with Brandon?!"

"Yes, Beckie. I text you yesterday."

"Oh, I thought you were joking. You know, like what you do sometimes when you like a boy. I didn't think you actually were."

I rolled my eyes at her. Honestly, that girl sometimes.

I could hear Jack and Alyx and Ryan laughing, while Brandon came up and hugged me from behind, throwing his arms round my waist. Louis and Beckie started laughing, too.

Brandon pulled me into a tight hug and kissed my cheek.

Aw, cuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttteeeeeeeeeee<3


Last lesson.

Last lesson.


Brandon said he would walk me to my grannies, eventhough I told him for ages, that he doesn't have to! But he was determined to walk me down.

I just had to meet him at the gates at the end of last lesson.

My last lesson was PE, and it was dragging. Big time. We are playing badminton. And it bores me. I hate PE. I just really do not enjoy it at all. My mum says that it is because I am lazy and I would rather just sit around and do nothing. Ha. She's probably right.

"You can play backhand or forehand. Most people find backhand easier......" My PE teacher droned on and on about how to play badminton. Ugh, boring.

Why would anyone want to become a PE teacher? Sports were boring.

Ha, well they were to me. Most people probably loved sports.

I checked the clock. 3:10! Yes.

"Right, go get chanegd then, class."

My PE class made our way to the changing rooms. When we got to our place where we all get changed, I took off my PE top off, and left my black vest on. I didn't like getting changed at school, because you get changed in one big room and people can see you getting ready. I don't like my body. I feel really fat, which is why I wear vests underneath my tops. I slipped my white polo school shirt over my head, and buttoned the buttons up to the top.

I pulled my school jumper over my head, and sorted out my collar of my polo shirt.

I then slid off my PE shorts, and quickly pulled my school pants up and straightened out the leg. I then put on my plimsoles, and folded my PE kit up and placed it into my school bag. I sat on the bench waiting for the rest of the girls in my year to finish getting ready so we could all leave.


They had better hurry up.

"You alright, Soph? You seem in a rush." Sam mentioned, watching me check the time every couple of seconds.

"Oh, I'm fine, I just want to go home. Quickly. I'm sick of school already, ha-ha." I smiled at her, so she would know that I was totally fine.

Sam was nice. I had known her since I was three. We've been friends ever since we met at dancing. Ballet. Sam, and Beckie were definitely my best friends ever.

I checked my phone for the time one last time. 3.14!

I looked arounsd the changing room, and noticed that everyone was now changed and sitting on the benches. Everyone then went silent. And then the PE teachers said in sync, like they do after every lesson. "You may now leave."

And then we left. I walked out of the changing rooms, down to the end of the corridor and out of the doors to outside. I walked up the yard, and saw the gates. I didn't know whether Brandon was there or not.

I walked closer and closer to the gates, when suddenly two arms snaked round my waist and I got picked up and twirled round. I then got placed back down on the ground and turned my head to see who just gave me the fright of my life. Brandon. With his beautiful blue eyes, and his perfect brown hair and his gorgeous smile.

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