I love you..<3

Sophia and Brandon have just got together and with so many people trying to break them up, will they survive high school together?<3


10. ten

i woke up, tears and mascara running down my face.

i sat up and looked around.

i was in my bedroom, lying in my bed, in my clothes.

something was odd.

there was just something that i just couldn't understand...


a couple of seconds later, my mum rushes into my bedroom. "yeah, what's up sweetie?" her eyes looked like she hadn't had any sleep for a while. she looked worried.

when i didn't answer she said, "you've been asleep for about three hours now, and you've been screaming and sobbing in your sleep. saying that you didn't mean to. are you alright?"

it was just a dream.

thank goodness.

"just a bad nightmare. really bad nightmare. i am fine now though."

i look over to my alarm clock.

9 p.m.


my belly rumbles. my mum looks over to me. "want some food?" i just simply nod, thinking i was going to throw up if i opened my mouth. and then my mum just disappears.

i am glad it was just a nightmare... Although, i am pretty scared. why would i dream about bricking ben and then my mother not believing me? seems pretty strange to be honest.

I grab my apple mac laptop off my bedside table and open it up, clicking on safari once the laptop had loaded everything properly. i typed into google "dream meanings" and clicked on the first option. it followed the instructions on the screen; type in what happened in your dream, press enter and wait. and i did.

it said that;

if you dream of confronting a bully, then it's your mind telling you to do something no matter how scary it is.

if you dream of death, it means you're thinking differently then what you did before.

if you dream of murder, it means you want someone out of your life.

if you dream of your mum, it means you are close with your mum and you don't want anything to happen to her.

if you dream of non-believing, it means you have been lied to in the past couple of days but never worked it out.

some pretty scary stuff, so i need to do something i find scary, because i think differently, and want someone out of my life. i dont want anything to happen to my mother, and ive been lied to by someone.

well first of all;

i think the scary thing i need to do is my exams, to be honest. they're coming up and i have been trying to put them off by asking my mum to take me on holidays on certain days. i think i'm thinking differently because i am constantly thinking of brandon. the person i want out of my life could be out of oscar and ben, or maybe both. probably both. i am very very close with my mum...

but the thing that is getting me is, who the hell lied to me? when did they lie to me? why did they lie to me? what did they lie to me about? when will i find out the truth?

"sweetie?" my mums loving and caring voice snapped me out of my thoughts. i looked up to her over the top of the laptop. she smiled sweetly and she said, "there is a egg sandwich on the table for you downstairs, with a glass of water, and a cookie." and then she walked off towards her bedroom.

she's probably went to get some rest after i have been keeping her awake for the past three hours.

yeah, you're probably wondering why we go to bed so early.

well, i go to bed early because i have this thing where, if i go to bed later than half six, i cannot sleep at all. no matter how tired i am. i don't know what it's called, but that is the explanation of what it is.

and the reason my mother goes to bed so early? well, i have never really understood why she goes to bed so early. i think with me going to bed so early, and it only ever being me and her in the house, she doesn't like staying up by herself, so after a while it just became a routine to go to bed at the same time as me.

yeah, it does annoy me how i don't ever do anything because i have to be in bed by half six.

it does feeling boring. and i hate having whatever the thing is called, wrong with me.

but it is just one of them things that we just cannot stop.

i jump out of bed, rushing downstairs to eat something. then it hits me, im up for the whole night now.


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