I love you..<3

Sophia and Brandon have just got together and with so many people trying to break them up, will they survive high school together?<3


7. seven

"baby, you're beautiful. don't let anyone tell you anything differently. don't let people bully. don't let people get you down. you're amazing in every single way, and if nobody understands that, then they should go get ran over by a bus. with fat people on it...." brandon just kept going on and on, trying to cheer me up.

this made me smile a lot.

considering the situation i was in.

i've been getting bullied at school since i was in pre-school, honestly. people have just never liked me ever! and when i came into high school, i thought it would all get better, with everyone maturing and stuff. but no, it got even worse. i have so many rumours going round school that i lost my virginity. i havent. i'm not a thirteen year old slag. i get called things such as - fat, ugly, bitch face, spotty dotty, slag, slut, whore, idiot, thicko, stupid, untalented, moron.... it was really starting to get to me.

and ben. he just made everything a hundred times worse.

he never shut up about when i was going out with oscar.

how he apparently found me and him behind the tennis courts, on top of each other.

doubt it. we were never anywhere near the tennis courts. and oscar was never on top of me, and i was never on top of him. simples.

i hate people who make up lies and rumours, just so they can talk to people, instead of being one of those idiotic morons, who sit by themselves.


pity is my feeling towards them people.

pity that they have to lie and make things up.

pity that they do it because they haven't got any friends, because they cannot get friends.

"thank you, baby, you always manage to cheer me up. i love you." i forced a smile, and brandon frowned at me.

"i love you, baby. and i do not like seeing you upset. especially when you come up to my house at 7 in the morning, crying your eyes out. i got such a fright, when i woke up to see you looking over me, tears streaming down your face. do you know how much that actually broke my heart?"

"i am so sorry. i didn't mean to come to yours. i went for a walk, not really planning a destination, and my feet just automatically walked me here. i have been walking since half 4 this morning... i just couldn't stay at mine any longer, not looking at facebook or twitter or my phone." I frowned, tears forming again in my eyes while remembering all the cyber-bullying which had happened all of last night.

"do not apologise for coming here. you are welcome here anytime you want. next time, just ring me, and i will come pick you up, instead of you having to walk here. i do not want anything happening to you." i loved the protective side of brandon, it made me feel so loved and cared about.

i got up from the seat next to his piano in his bedroom and went and sat on his knee. he was sitting on the bed. i pulled the bobble out of my hair because my messy bun was getting too messy for my liking, and then i put it back in, in a messy bun.

brandon wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. it felt amazing, just being in his arms. he kissed my forehead.

he then pulled me backwards, so that he was lying on the bed, instead of sitting up in bed, and i was lying next to him. he pulled the blanket over us. i smiled when i realised what he was doing. he knew i hadn't had any sleep, and know i really need some sleep. i cuddled into his side, one hand tracing circles on his bare chest, one arm underneath him. he put one arm underneath me, like he was cuddling me, and then was tracing circles on my arm.

i was cuddled into my lovely boyfriend, and his smell was just all around me, helping me forget everything which had happened to do with the whole bullying thing.

it wasn't long until i fell asleep cuddled into brandon.


"baby, wake up, your mum is on the phone, she's worried about you."

my eyes fluttered open, and i let a hand move out to get the phone that was in brandons hand.

"hello?" oh how croaky was my voice. ugh.

"sophia! oh my god, i am so glad you are okay. i seen all the bullying on twitter and facebook. i then tried ringing you, because i know that you always go on walks when you get upset about getting bullied, etc. but you had left your phone on your bed, i checked through it. all your messages were bully messages. i cried as i read them all. and i didn't know where you would be. i looked through your contacts list, and found brandons number, just to see if he knew where you could be. turns out you walked to his and passed out asleep cuddled into him after having a good hours cry to him. bless. do you want me to come pick you up, so you can explain all this?"

"no mum, i wanna stay with brandon for a little while. he has been cheering me up loads."

i heard my mum sound annoyed and sick of everything.


she hung up the phone, sounding a bit huffy.

must be a special time for her.

i suddenly got pulled out of brandons bed, and pulled into a passionate kiss.






hey guys,

yeah, i know. no capital letters here, probably incorrect spelling, grammar, and puncuation, too. but it's five past twelve at the minute in the uk, and ive been pretty busy all night.

when i edit the whole story, this shall be sorted.

promise yous.

love yous.

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